Why I Am Concerned With Our National Energy Policy

Some have asked me for what good reason I am not an in-walk bolt step earthy person in the event that I run a research organization. All things considered, it's fairly straightforward. I see this push to transform environmentalism into a religion, and I've viewed the governmental issues included, and ravenousness line up for the free-stream of citizen's cash being guaranteed. I am not satisfied. But instead than me put out a pessimistic tirade, let me give you yet one more illustration. How about we talk.

I read a fascinating article in Machine Design News which was distributed a while back on June 15, 2000 titled; "New carbon strands from oil," and contemplated internally; maybe the USA should work hard to turning into the pioneer in carbon-fiber and lower the expenses by economies of scale, think about the incentive to our general economy by the amount we spare in fuel costs. Be that as it may, even as I say that I am reminded that if the fuel costs go down the expenses on fuel go up so the legislature can keep on spending, basically a similar outcome - it goes about as though it is an assessment on our whole economy.

That is a really tricky actuality considering our GDP development is under 2.2% with a 1% room for give and take, which means we are may just be at 1.2% development, ouch. In the mean time, just today, I met an applicant requesting my mark outside of Trader Joe's to dissent the gas charges increments slated. "Houston, we have an issue," yet it's not what you think. We have all the power, information, ability and assets to remain in front of the oil diversion, and all the refinery left-overs we requirement for a solid and strong oil based carbon fiber industry. Shockingly, we are keeping that by making life hard on the oil business, compound industry, while at the same time requesting lighter autos for better CAFÉ gauges, and more grounded cars to avert damage.

It is safe to say that we are schizophrenic for sure? Lamentably the appropriate response is yes. Is it accurate to say that we will give this carbon fiber segment away to remote contenders, while we charge our general public and human advancement with higher duties for transportation? This without talking about the vitality costs because of financing elective vitality innovation which can't contend yet for a ROI - this is slaughtering our favorable position in fares and employments in both light and substantial assembling, and you think you need an electric auto? Not. What's more, on the off chance that you have one you need to be protected, it should be light, and for it to have ideal execution it too will require more carbon fiber parts, similarly as, goodness yah, wind turbine sharp edges? Whoops?

May I inquire as to why we are caught up with removing the hand that sustains us for a la-la-land dream driven vitality approach? I'd like you to see how the Good Intentions Paving Company, LLC is driving us to financial demolish and the law of unintended results. If you don't mind think about this and think on it.