A Trip To Find (And Taste) Great Whiskey From An Unexpected Place

At the point when David Perkins and his better half went to Scotland out of the blue, to drink bourbon, they saw how the area itself felt right and working together with all that they were tasting. The rough scene set the tone for every one of the refineries they went to. The rich greens, moving slopes, and channels improved each taste, and there was something about closure the night around a fire with a measure that went about as a teleportation gadget.

Perkins needed to recreate this inclination in the United States and arrived on Utah. It felt like the correct fit, regardless of the way that there were no lawful refineries in the state around then.

"Utah truly gives it a feeling of place," the High West Distillery author says. "It's delightful. We just trusted you'd consider the mountains when you're tasting bourbon and perhaps it'd whisk you far from the worries of your normal everyday employment and enable you to consider that fun outing you had."

Peering out finished the Wasatch-Uinta mountains, it's no big surprise why so Perkins began to look all starry eyed at the state. The entire locale feels like it's as of now been treated with an Instagram channel – the hues are wealthier, the skyline is stiller, and sceneries could be pardoned for a film set. In the event that there was anyplace to kick things off and settle, you could do far more terrible. Obviously, Utah has had a wild and fluctuated association with liquor throughout the years, however it's not exactly as teetotaling as individuals think. In the 1820s, it was home to a bourbon trade (or meet), and Mormons went so far as to concoct their own particular bourbon called "Valley Tan." Even Brigham Young claimed refineries up through 1870, when the moderation development began coming to fruition.


High West opened in 2006, in Park City. From that point forward Perkins' vision has come to fruition. High West has won recognition from barkeeps and bourbon fans alike and keeps on pushing limits through novel mixes and tastes. Be that as it may, the crown gem of the organization is the real refinery in Wanship, which opened in 2015. With clearing sees, a mind-boggling feeling of quiet, and no deficiency of alcoves to take cover in, it's the physical sign of what Perkins needed clients to feel when popping the best on a container of American Praire or Rendezvous Rye. It's the place he needs individuals to escape, and it's certainly justified regardless of a journey to the productive bee sanctuary state.

We crouched with Perkins in the wake of being welcomed out to see the refinery for ourselves to request the cause stories and tasting notes of our five most loved High West offerings.


American Prairie

The organization's lead produced using a blend of MGP (an indistinguishable provider from Bulleit) two-year, and six-year-old and 13-year-old whiskeys from Kentucky.

"It has these three layers, Perkins lets us know. "You get this pleasant fruity in advance layer, at that point you get a decent kind of a Juicy Fruit season. That is one of the segment bourbons. You get this caramelly nougat flavor, and after that you get this pleasant woody wrap up."

Our decision: Accessible and adaptable, this one goes extraordinary in a hot hard stuff.

Meet Rye

The main discharge by High West, Rendezvous is a high rye mix of MGP rye and two Barton ryes.

"We need this one to state 'Christmas,' Perkins says. "Thinking about flavors, extremely the kinds of the rye have these clove and cinnamon overwhelming flavors. Who doesn't care for thinking about flavors?"

Our decision: An awesome flagon bourbon, it's a lifeline in a coat stash as a groomsman or in mid-October at a Big Ten back end.

Twofold Rye!

A blend of a two-year MGP rye and a Barton 16-year-old rye.

"This isn't Tabasco zest – it's pepper zest," Perkins let us know. "Be that as it may, cinnamon is a major flavor in it, so sort of cinnamon Red Hot fiery. There are other heating flavors in it as well. You get some menthol, the mintiness in it, however all that for me just says hot, so I call it the 'World's Spiciest Whiskey.'"

Our decision: Packs a punch, and makes the best Manhattans out of any of the High West bourbons we tried.


Midwinter Nights Dram

Meet Rye matured in white American oak barrels and completed in French oak port barrels.

"You take the pondering flavors in Rendezvous and wed those with the dry natural product kinds of the port barrel, and you receive a Christmas pudding in return," Perkins lets us know. "My girl was perusing A Midsummer Night's Dream for school, and there came the name."

Our decision: Elegant and layered. Essentially asks to be tasted gradually, yet it's perilously smooth.

Pit fire

A mix of peated, mixed malt scotch, MGP whiskey, and MGP rye, each of the five-year or more established.

"It was an outing to Islay with my significant other for our tenth year commemoration," Perkins says. "This was at an opportune time in High West's history, as most likely a year after we collected the cash and began. We went to Bruichladdich in Islay and spent the week working there and finding out about scotch and remained in their overnight boardinghouse.

"One morning, when we woke up, we noticed smoke, the peat smoke noticeable all around. You wouldn't notice that early in the day, however you may notice it around evening time when they have an open air fire, or only a fire in that house. They would consume peat logs around evening time for wistfulness and having a pleasant fire, however you could notice it toward the beginning of the day. You go in the kitchen and they were coming down a jug of one of their extremely peaty bourbons called 'Octomore'.

"I approached them what it was really going after. They stated, 'return later this evening for dessert.' They had a made a straightforward syrup out of that. You come it down, you put some sugar in and it's a basic syrup, yet a smoky straightforward syrup. They showered that on ready honeydew. It was only an impressive, wild taste blend I'd never had. Smoke and natural product.

"We had gotten some fruity MGP bourbon at the time. It was one of their whiskeys was super fruity. I thought, 'On the off chance that we could wed a smokey scotch with that fruity whiskey, possibly that'd taste great.' I think we turned out with Campfire in 2012. My single word total up is 'Comfortable.' It just influences me to feel comfortable when I have it. Smoke feels like home. Everyone has a dream of smoke in their mind. They recognize what it has an aftertaste like."

Our decision: Smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke. Open air fire is the correct name for this one; it has an aftertaste like a mountain house feels.

The most effective method to visit: Guests to the Park City zone can discover essentially every variety of High West bourbon – - and buy their own jugs — at the High West Saloon in downtown Park City (seven days seven days). They likewise have incredible sustenance. Or on the other hand drive out to Wanship (around 20 miles from downtown Park City), pass the Blue Sky Ranch, and take after the signs to the refinery, which is open Wednesday through Sunday.