Nokia 8 Sirocco review: The almost do-it all smartphone

It could maybe be a decent point for contextual investigation in B-Schools: what does it take for a brand to ascend from the slag? Reams of print and advanced transmission capacity has been committed to the to some degree mind boggling rebound story of Nokia. What HMD Global shrewdly played on with Nokia – and this is the thing that the contextual investigation ought to be about – is wistfulness and enormous measure of altruism that regardless it has among Indian clients. A ton of it descends from the way that for a greater part of Indian cell phone clients, their first gadget was a Nokia.

Nonetheless, Nokia in its prior symbol didn't pay notice to Bob Dylan's famous melody The Times They Are A Changin'. Times changed, individuals changed thus did telephones however Nokia didn't. From that point forward Nokia has failed spectacularly and some way or another figured out how to make a rebound in 2017. The main year was great in relatively every sense for Nokia yet the genuine test accompanies its second rush of cell phones which it as of late propelled. The gem in HMD's crown this time is the Nokia 8 Sirocco (don't inquire as to why it's called Sirocco), the organization's lead gadget for 2018.

Nokia 8 Design: Stainless steel, Corning Gorilla Glass 5

Flighty. That is the main word that rings a bell when you see the Nokia 8 Sirocco. Presently eccentric can speak to a few while others may very well discover it somewhat odd. As it's been said one man's toxin is another's wine. With respect to us, Nokia 8 Sirocco's outline is something that developed on us. It unquestionably took a while, yet the outline is new, invigorating and one of a kind. It's a smooth and chic looking cell phone that is made of stainless steel and accompanies Corning Gorilla Glass 5 at the front and back. The polished back is a unique mark magnet and is additionally the home to the double camera set up and the unique mark sensor. An expression of guidance for the individuals who attempt to go "sans hands" by endeavoring to hold the telephone by tilting their neck: don't endeavor to do it with the Nokia 8 Sirocco as it will slip. Truth be told, the Nokia 8 Sirocco has a great deal of propensity to slip. Indeed, even kept on a level surface, it tends to slip and slide at its own particular will. One must be attentive around the Nokia 8 Sirocco. A great deal of it is additionally down to how thin this gadget is as its thickest it quantifies 7.5mm.

Let's be realistic most clients despise putting a cover on the cell phone as it murders off the look. Be that as it may, it's important to guarantee security from drops and falls. Most cell phones lose their sheen as far as looks with a back cover on yet with Nokia 8 Sirocco, put on a cover and the cell phone loses it sheen – both actually and allegorically.

HMD Global has completed a fine employment outlining the Nokia 8 Sirocco. Being a thin telephone, the catches on the correct side – the power and volume rockers - are a bit on the more keen side and take some time getting used to.

The other huge emphasis HMD Global has finished with the Nokia 8 Sirocco is that it say farewell to the earphone jack. There's a USB Type-C charging space situated at the base of the gadget. Nokia 8 Sirocco is plainly a top notch looking telephone and it's an intense articulation from the organization. Try not to go searching for an indent as HMD has kicked the let's-go-the-Apple-way pattern and given it a miss.

Nokia 8 Display: 5.5-inch QHD pOLED 2K

A decent outline can without much of a stretch be defaced by a normal show. The Nokia 8 Sirocco experiences no such issues as the 5.5-inch QHD pOLED 2K show is a treat to take a gander at. On the off chance that there's no score, at that point there's additionally no running bezel-less with the Sirocco 8. However, the telephone has abundant space and looks generally amazing. A decent touch that has been included by HMD is that the bolt screen you see the quantity of warnings conveniently arranged.

The show on Nokia Sirocco 8 is bended – somewhat like Samsung Galaxy S9 – which makes utilization of sight and sound substance superb. The pictures are sharp and energetic notwithstanding when looked under direct daylight. Truth be told, the Nokia 8 Sirocco is one of the finest shows under daylight as there is truly so strain on the eyes and you don't need to squint or endeavor.

In spite of the fact that it suffers from what we call 'Pixel-itis' as in there is a blue tint on the screen that declines to leave. Does it hamper your show understanding? Not by any means. Is it somewhat irritating? Indeed, however you do get accustomed to it inevitably and it truly doesn't trouble much. This is a result of this that the Nokia 8 Sirocco's show doesn't get full stamps from us. All things considered, it's an amazing showcase on every single other tally and does equity to the client encounter.

Nokia 8 Performance: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM

On the off chance that you are spending anything north of Rs 45,000 then you do anticipate that the gadget will have first class details. What discolors the Nokia 8 Sirocco – at any rate on paper – is that it doesn't accompany the most recent leader processor. The cell phone runs Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor while every other contender run or are required to run Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. Not that Nokia 8 Sirocco conveys poor execution as the Snapdragon 835 is a decent processor yet just not the best one accessible in the market.

Having said that, it's fundamental to say that for a normal client this 'miss' won't be seen as Nokia 8 Sirocco performs commendably well. In case you're an aficionado of custom UI on a cell phone, at that point you may be somewhat baffled. HMD Global has selected to run with Stock Android with the Nokia 8 Sirocco and it works to a great degree well. There is no superfluous bloatware or unnecessary applications that you can't dispose of.

The key point that HMD has coordinated in its 2018 line up of cell phones is that they are all Android One gadgets. The point is to give clients as unadulterated an Android encounter they can get. We have no protestations with Android One as it's slick, clean and works fine and dandy and is fueled by Oreo 8.1.

Applications are flawlessly docked at the base of the home screen and with one swipe up you can get to the application cabinet. There's a hunt bar on the best and one can likewise observe as often as possible utilized application just beneath it. There are not really novel yet convenient highlights that are fused in the Nokia 8 Sirocco. For example, movement motions like twofold tapping the power catch will open the camera application. There's additionally a component called Glance Screen that enables you to see the time and notices without controlling the screen.

Watch the unpacking of Nokia 8 Sirocco
03:20Unboxing:Nokia 8 Sirocco

This is an effective telephone with 6GB RAM on board and conveys noteworthy execution regardless of whether it doesn't gloat of the most recent processor. There are no slacks, falters or hang ups that it experiences. The unique mark scanner works fine and dandy, and Nokia has maintained a strategic distance from to be a piece of the rodent race with a considerable measure of highlights.

Nokia 8 Camera: 12MP+13MP double back camera, 5MP front camera

Notwithstanding when cell phone cameras were simply assembling steam, Nokia in the at the end of its life symbol gloated of prevalent cameras than others. They had front line innovation and highlights that left you inspired – in any event on paper. Keep in mind the 41MP camera on the Lumia 1020 when others were putting forth piddly 5MP cameras? Along these lines, it's a territory where we have constantly anticipated that Nokia cell phones would convey.

Before we dig into the points of interest, we should get the specifics off the beaten path. There is a 12-megapixel camera (f/1.7 opening) and a 13-megapixel fax camera with Zeiss optics at the back. There's a 5MP front camera for the selfie detachment – don't pass judgment on it as of now by the details as it conveys great outcomes. There's the Bothie mode which catches both front and back pictures in the meantime. And after that there are the typical speculates like Pro Mode, Panorama among others.

How about we discuss the back camera set up first. The expansive motivation behind two cameras at the back is to permit more detail and better low-light photography.

There's 2X optical zoom which proves to be useful for long separation shots. We clicked a ton of pictures in the typical auto mode and a large portion of them turned out fine and dandy.

The Pro Mode is the place Nokia's camera USP kicks in. Not at all like different cell phones with a similar mode, Nokia 8 Sirocco is less demanding to utilize. There are open radials which enable you to move through settings like ISO, screen speed or altering the white adjust. Every one of the pictures we clicked in the Pro Mode were unquestionably superior to anything we have seen on a few cell phone, including the OnePlus 5T. The picture itemizing was precise and the hues were sharp and dynamic.

There's a feeling of imitation to it when you contrast it and the Google Pixel 2 yet a great many people we figure nowadays are acquainted with it. The expectation from cell phone cameras are gradually dissolving yet that is the standard nowadays. The Bokeh impact helps catch the profundity in pictures and conveys agreeable pictures with the front and back cameras.

It is anything but a slight on the Nokia 8 Sirocco however maybe our desires were somewhat high. The camera completes a genuinely balanced activity with the Nokia 8 Sirocco. It just does not have the wow factor which is something anticipated from a top notch lead gadget.

Low-light photography came as a bit frustration to us, particularly when contrasted with the Google Pixel 2. As far as camera, the Google Pixel 2 completes a far superior activity than the Nokia 8 Sirocco. As we said it is anything but a disillusioning camera from any gauges yet doesn't amaze you with its execution.

Nokia 8 Battery: 3260mAh

The battery is the place the Nokia 8 Sirocco positively exceeds expectations and positions in front of the greater part of its opposition. The 3260mAh battery effortlessly endures a day with substantial use. You can tune in to a considerable measure of music, watch recordings and enjoy each normal assignment and the Nokia 8 Sirocco's battery is very much prepared to deal with them all. There's likewise brisk accusing help along of remote charging abilities. It charges rapidly and in a little more than 30 minutes the telephone achieves 50 for every penny limit.


The greatest staying point for Nokia 8 Sirocco will be its cost. At Rs 49,999, this is an excellent telephone that checks a large portion of the cases. It's upscale and smooth – regardless of whether marginally capricious – and gloats of a great deal of noteworthy highlights. HMD Global has made an item that will energize a considerable measure of clients and is positively one of the better-looking gadgets around. The show is engaging and the battery execution is extremely noteworthy.

Having said that, the absence of the most recent processor may kill a few purchasers. As will the camera execution when contrasted and the lower-evaluated Google Pixel 2. HMD Global may have missed a trap by not furnishing the Sirocco 8 with a camera that was superior to the rest.

As we said that nearly everything about the Nokia 8 Sirocco is better than average. However, so is the situation with the opposition when you take a gander at Samsung Galaxy S9 or even the yet-to-be propelled OnePlus 6. HMD Global will trust that its sentimentality pack of cards has one more ace shrouded some place. Or the consequences will be severe, the Nokia 8 Sirocco will experience the ill effects of the cardinal sin of charging more for a gadget that doesn't justify the cost.