Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture review

As of late, Frederique Constant presented a watch it named the "World's First 3.0 Watch". You think about mechanical watches (clearly, in case you're perusing this magazine, you certainly think about mechanical watches), you think about shrewd watches. The following stage, as per FC, is the mixture watch, a blend of good old mechanics with an associated module to finish everything. This declaration caught out eye and we requested a watch to survey. The inquiry is basic: is the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture the correct formula to take extravagance watches into the 21st century?
Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture

Notwithstanding checking on the watch – how it feels, what it does, how it wears once a day – I'll endeavor to give you a more sincere belief. MONOCHROME is typically about the excellence of mechanics and smartwatches are not regularly incorporated into our article arrangement. However, we can't deny that associated watches are developing and, clearly, they are digging in for the long haul. We can't disregard this market, however we want to take a gander at it from an alternate point.


Those of you who read this magazine all the time will realize that I'm enthusiastic about watches. I've been gathering looks for quite a while and feel talented that this energy has transformed into work. However, this isn't my solitary enthusiasm. I have another that will bode well here: autos. I was brought up in an auto domain, by a man with a flat out enthusiasm for mechanics, particularly brandishes autos. My dad is a genuine petrolhead, an energy that we shared when I was more youthful. On Saturdays at home, the reminder was the shouting sound of Italian hardened steel depletes gradually warming up in the patio. This energy for simple autos has never stopped and is as devouring as my enthusiasm for watches.

As of late, I had the shot of spending a whole day on the circuit with the new Honda NSX. I can't state that I wasn't, at first, to a great degree wary about this half and half auto. The mix of a little, turbocharged motor with three electrical engines is fairly a long way from my typical benchmarks. I realize that half and half autos (and considerably more electrical autos) are a need. However, I can't survive without the scent of consuming oil and fuel. Be that as it may, I attempted to desert these assumptions and test drive what's to come. What an unexpected when I got myself ready to get up to speed with a Ferrari 458 Speciale – which is definitely not a moderate auto, trust me!

I finished this track day considering a certain something: half breed innovation can be great. It can include something, it can improve old fashioned mechanics, more maintainable and (I would rather not say it) more performant. I needed to begin with this story for a valid justification. While accepting the new Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture, I needed to do what I did with the autos and dispose of assumptions.


What is the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture? At first, simply another FC watch. It looks, feels and wears like some other watch in the gathering, with a comparative plan to the next mechanical watches made by the brand. It has indistinguishable 42mm case from other FC watches, it has an easygoing chic outline with an exquisite dial and nothing on this watch, except for the "Half and half" specify on the dial, would make you think there is a battery-controlled associated module coordinated inside the case. This is a consider decision in the interest of Frederique Constant, which has just been utilized on the completely associated watches of the brand.

However, something has radically changed, contrasted with what FC was doing previously. This Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture has a mechanical heart. Its hands (hours, minutes, seconds and date) are driven by an in-house programmed development – a similar that can be found in different watches of the brand, for example, the Worldtimer or the Moonphase. This development, an attempted and-tried gauge, is unmistakable through the case back and solidifies the impression of having a genuine mechanical timepiece on the wrist.

As regular with the brand, the watch is lovely, marginally dressy with a contemporary vibe. The general quality is in accordance with whatever is left of the accumulation and once more, nothing shouts innovation. However, in the middle of the development and the dial sits a battery-controlled module – the associated some portion of the watch. Driven by a battery-powered battery, this module has no connection on the rate of the watch, which is left in the hands of the programmed development. However, some extra capacities have been included, which require the utilization of your telephone.


The Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture offers movement following (advance counter with characterized destinations and checking) and in addition rest observing (again with characterized targets). These are standard highlights of smartwatches. What it doesn't do – and I'm in reality extremely cheerful about this – is work as an augmentation of your telephone, with notices of calls or messages.

Notwithstanding these checking capacities, the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture includes a few "horological savvy capacities". Because of the dial at 12 o'clock, the watch can give you a 24-hour pointer or a double time work. Subsequent to setting the second time zone you need to show, on account of the effectively thought out application, you can track your home time or a second time zone when working in a worldwide business condition.

The last element is one that I discovered very intriguing: development examination. It isn't the first occasion when that we see these capacities on a mechanical watch however. URWERK, a couple of years prior, presented the EMC, where notwithstanding the mechanical development, there was a quartz development and an optical gadget to screen the rate of the development. Despite the fact substantially more mind boggling and costly, the last uppercut was simply the capacity modify the watch as indicated by the outcomes. Much the same as the electric motors of a McLaren P1, the mixture innovation was utilized to enhance the mechanical execution.

With the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture application, you can check the rate, the sufficiency and the beat blunder of the watch. Results are imparted to the Hybrid App by means of Bluetooth and can be found as diagrams – note: agreeably astounded by the consequences of watch we had for audit, as should be obvious in our photographs. However, once more, there is opportunity to get better. Checking is the initial step, the cooperation between the associated module and the mechanical development is another. Frederique Constant ought to investigate self-altering or auto-adjusting potential outcomes.


I will state it once more: I don't consider the Apple Watch or any completely associated smartwatch as timepieces. To me, these are wrist worn techno-gadgets that can show the time, yet they don't consent to my meaning of a watch – this is close to home, obviously. Then again, I can't prevent the developing enthusiasm from claiming clients for these associated wrist gadgets. They speak to an enormous market – and as we revealed, Apple transported a greater number of watches than Switzerland in the final quarter of 2017. Swiss brands have two choices: doing what they've excelled at for quite a long time or finding another approach to enter this market. Also, on the off chance that they can't contend with Apple or Samsung on the completely associated smartwatch showcase, they can perhaps locate an alternate approach, on a more extravagant side.

Did Frederique Constant figure out how to persuade me, much the same as Honda did with the NSX? Truly and no – an exceptionally Swiss answer, you'll concur. Indeed it did in light of the fact that it has adopted an alternate strategy. FC realizes that it is unimaginable for Swiss watch organizations to beat Apple or Samsung all alone playing field. The Apple Watch offers significantly more at a much lower cost. A Swiss organization will scarcely have an upper hand over a powerhouse like Apple. Frederique Constant comprehends that and brings something which joins genuine mechanical savoir-faire, an exquisite plan, a view on the thumping heart of the watch (which is monetarily critical here) and generally speaking, the look and feel of a genuine watch.

Once a day, the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture is as a matter of first importance a watch. It gives the time, it ticks, it wears pleasantly with a suit and it has this charming unbalanced feel of the wavering mass. It is just when you combine it with your telephone that the associated some portion of the watch shows up. As a genuine watch fellow, I wound up overlooking that this watch even had Bluetooth blending and an associated module. Furthermore, this is the place it probably won't be completely persuading.

I would state that the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture is a decent first endeavor, however which needs works. I imagine that FC could go a couple of steps further, that it could include more functionalities, more associated nutty spread over the mechanical jam. The expectation is great, the thoughts and the advancements are here, however I believe that Frederique Constant considered persuading mechanical folks to add associated functionalities to their watch than persuading recent college grads or techno-arranged individuals to appreciate the magnificence of a mechanical development.

On the off chance that mechanical-arranged clients are now persuaded about spending more than 3K on a watch, the test is more about making the longing among adolescents, twenty to thirty year olds or techno-situated clients, who are as of now persuaded that associated watches are what's to come. Including a mechanical development is a smart thought if the associated part takes after. Thus, Frederique Constant, you're in the correct course however add more innovation to your mechanical formula.

On a more individual premise, I need to concede that nothing can supplant the thumping heart of a mechanical development in my brain. In any case, if advancement is vital, in any event the Hybrid Manufacture by Frederique Constant is less unsafe to me than the Apple associated gadget. The primary development I can ponder self-altering the rate or an auto-adjusting gadget which could ensure that the watch keeps running at the correct time. That is a significant test, yet I know Frederique Constant's head of developement likes challenges.

Accessible on the web and soon at retailers, costs for the tempered steel Hybrid Manufacture begin at EUR 3,250 and achieve EUR 3,550 for the rose gold plated show. More data at

As the ascent of the smartwatch throws a debilitating shadow over the Swiss watch industry, the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture proposes a plan to battle back. This isn't care for the battery-controlled half and half smartwatches we normally audit; the Hybrid Manufacture combines a mechanical development with smartwatch superpowers.

It's the first to do as such. All things considered, the first to showcase; Conex Watches SA is additionally utilizing a Swiss-made development in its X-One H1, yet that won't be accessible until some other time in the year. In any case, time is ticking, and Frederique Constant's CEO Peter Stas recognizes that Apple and other tech organizations are infringing on Swiss region.

Cost when looked into:


With the Hybrid Manufacture, these two universes crash in a way they haven't previously, speaking to the group who don't need a screen on their wrist however would prefer not to be deserted in the associated period. At $3,495, going up to $3,795 for the rose gold, it's substantially more costly than most different cross breeds we've checked on, however with respect to the more extensive watch advertise Frederique Constant calls this "available extravagance".

It's a wearable for the exemplary watch sweetheart; a smartwatch for the smartwatch haters. In any case, does it convey as great an ordeal as different half and halves and the smartwatches that it's up against?

From the look to the vibe, everything about the Hybrid Manufacture shouts this is a great Frederique Constant watch, nothing to let slip the more brilliant capacities covering up inside. The cleaned treated steel case is overwhelming at 79g, however estimated at 42mm over it's a solid match for most men's wrists and some women's. All things considered, everything proposes that this watch is fundamentally being focused at men, and when I addressed CEO Peter Stas he recommended the female market was less intrigued by mechanical watches. I'm not so beyond any doubt of that affirmation myself, but rather I can disclose to you that FC offers the Horological Notify look for ladies.

The watch comes in four distinct plans. I've been wearing the silver case with the white face, yet you can likewise get it with rose gold, or with a blue prosper on the face. There's likewise a restricted release form with a dark face – just 888 of them have been made.

Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture audit

On every one of the four models there's a sub-dial at 12 o'clock that goes about as a measure for your action levels, and one at 6 o'clock that shows the date. The words "Frederique Constant Geneve" and "Half and half" are stamped over the face, however I'd incline toward it didn't have the last mentioned. Generally it's a huge show with printed roman numerals on everything except the 888 version, which rather has markers. Every one accompanies a croc tie, additionally accessible in a scope of hues.

In any case, that exemplary outline keeps running past the surface: turn it over and the sapphire precious stone back uncovers the mechanical development beating inside. Everything here looks as you'd discover it in a great mechanical watch. On the correct side is a crown for changing the time, and on the left is a catch that you'll have to squeeze when you need to adjust the watch with the cell phone application. Which brings us flawlessly to…

Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture: Features and wellness

Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture audit

Without a computerized show, Frederique Constant regards its restrictions and spotlights exclusively on wellbeing and wellness; you won't get warnings humming on your wrist. In case you're subsequent to something that can deal with notices, most of the cross breed smartwatch edit do offer some level of help.

With respect to those wellbeing highlights, the Hybrid Manufacture is generally only a celebrated advance and rest tracker. It will keep a count of steps and change over them into separation and 'dynamic minutes', which demonstrate to you your most – you got it – dynamic snapshots of the day. As a stage tracker it's extremely precise. I put it up against the Fitbit Versa and my own count, and the outcomes were continually in line, plus or minus a couple of ventures all over.

Where things get all the more intriguing is in the dynamic training – little tips that the application will present in light of your wellbeing data. A considerable measure of these are unclear, apply-to-all guidance however once in a while you'll get things that are more particular to you in view of what it's found out. For instance, it may reveal to you that an excess of night movement is negatively affecting your rest. I've been given a couple of these tips in my chance evaluating the watch. Contextualizing the information is dependably something worth being thankful for.

Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture survey

Be that as it may, as I say, this isn't a watch made for genuine wellness. Fine to keep an eye on how frequently you're getting up from your work area at work or telling you ought to most likely stroll as opposed to getting the transport, however I wouldn't wear it when running. Right off the bat since I will wear something that'll complete a superior occupation of following my exercise, and besides in light of the fact that the Manufacture is considerably heavier than something I'd in a perfect world wear for that sort of movement.

My sentiments are comparable with regards to rest following. I'll once in a while wear a wellness tracker or light smartwatch – something like the Fitbit Versa or Garmin Vivomove HR – yet simply because they'll screen my rest. Something else, my watch mulls over the bedside table. The issue with the Manufacture is that it's too overwhelming to ever be agreeable to wear in bed. I did as such to test it for this audit, however on some other day I'd discover it excessively bothering. Regardless of whether you will too boils down to individual inclination.

Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture survey

The rest following itself is as precise and helpful as I'd anticipate from a watch that depends entirely on development information. A valid example: one night I took the watch off so I could go running, and when I put it on a couple of hours after the fact it disclosed to me that I'd been snoozing the entire time (on the in addition to side, I got a rest score of 195% that day – result!). When I wore it to bed, the perusing appeared to be enigmatically in accordance with the real world. The outcomes will appear in a diagram showing profound rest, light rest (ie when you're moving around a little in your sleep) and wake time.

In aggregate, it does the activity, yet don't expect pinpoint precision. In case you're not open to wearing a watch in bed it offers an 'under cushion' mode, where you can slip it under the pad and have it track your development there. Again however, don't expect incredible precision there.

Be that as it may, my most loved savvy highlight of the watch has nothing to do with wellness. In the application there's a 'Watch examination's page where you can see the wellbeing of the development split into a couple of various diagrams. There's one for the rate of the swaying, one for adequacy (how much pivot there is as the adjust wheel swings) and one for the beat blunder (how square with every wavering is). These are geeky watchmaking bits of knowledge that ordinary clients likely won't think about, yet there's something extremely cool about having the capacity to see it. In any case, it's not only there to influence you to feel like a customary horologist – you'll additionally know when it's an ideal opportunity to take the watch in for a repair.

Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture: Battery life and charging

Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture survey

As this is a watch of two sections, battery is additionally a bifurcated issue. The "keen" part keeps running on a battery appraised at around seven days, however once that runs out despite everything you have that self-winding mechanical development ticking without end, so it will keep on working fine and dandy for telling the time. The application will disclose to you when it's an ideal opportunity to energize, which you do by putting the watch onto the included charging dock.

Numerous half and halves accompany coin cell batteries, and most nowadays run longer than seven days, some for a considerable length of time, so the seven-day battery life feels very short for a watch in this class.

What's more amazing is the manner by which Frederique Constant has figured out how to offset the negative attractive impacts between the mechanical and electronic modules, which it did utilizing a licensed hostile to attractive shield case. It's the manner by which the watchmaker has figured out how to crush two separate innovations into a solitary gadget – and not something to be sniffed at.

Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture

By Frederique Constant

Properly, the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture summons two unique sentiments. This is a shocking watch with every one of the signs of the organization's fine craftsmanship on appear. The savvy viewpoints, in any case, are very constrained, however the instructing gives wellness following some importance and offers some additional inspiration. For admirers of exemplary watch plan who aren't prepared to advance into the smartwatch future, this is an ideal method to dunk your toes in the water.


Expertly made Swiss outline

Mechanical development meets smarts

Wellbeing bits of knowledge


As a smartwatch, costly

Wellness following is constrained

Just a single size