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Sound Technica ATH-ADX5000 Air Dynamic earphone audit

Remote earphones were at that point prominent when Apple went along and gave the earphone jack the hatchet. Presently, remote is the new standard. In any case, don't stress fans, there are a lot of customary jars going about as aural ministers for the up and coming age of audiophiles.

Late illustrations incorporate Audeze's unbelievable LCD arrangement (counting the new LCD-4z) planar attractive earphones and Shure's leap forward KSE1500 electrostatic in-ears, among a few others. Without a doubt, you'll need to grapple with your wallet (and the theory of unavoidable losses) to get them, yet these earphones offer a life-changing sonic experience that even the priciest remote miracles can't contact.

Enter the ATH-ADX5000, Audio-Technica's most recent commitment to this higher class of earphone nirvana. Dissimilar to the more mind boggling plans found in a portion of their partners, the ADX5000 turn forward their aural gifts with customary unique drivers, yet with a sharp curve. Like a splendid material science hypothesis, the ADX5000's develop is basic yet exquisite, offering moderate building that summons all the sonic ponder you could need in a couple of jars costing $2,000. We were instantly snared when we initially heard them at CES 2018, despite everything we're getting a charge out of the high.


The ADX5000 arrive stuffed up like advanced plutonium (Marty!), with confines inside boxes layered froth and bearing a copper-conditioned bag at the center. We'd almost certainly have been amazed by AT's earphone baggage were it not one-increased by the wooden cases that house contenders like the LCD-3, and even Oppo's significantly less expensive PM-1. In any case, the silk lining over thick froth inside the case is palatably sumptuous, and once we saw the sterling sparkle along the earcups' external rings calling our name, our audiophile butterflies shuddered in like manner.



Damn, these things are light. A little more than 270 grams, to be correct, or about a large portion of a pound. While that might be profound in a few sections, at this level it's close featherweight.


There are different smooth outline turns concealed just underneath the ADX5000's deceivingly vanilla styling. Hand amassed in Japan, the earphones instantly radiate a demeanor of value, beginning with the creature measured open-back earcups, protected by a shield of honeycomb-punched metal and completed with strips of chrome along the edges. The outside face of the 58mm drivers are reminiscent of an advanced space station with their six-pointed star outline and a glimmer of creased silver at the middle.

Smooth outline turns cover up just underneath the ADX5000's deceivingly vanilla styling.

The headband is as basically planned as it gets at this cost — and for this situation that is something to be thankful for. Thin pieces of steel and magnesium meet in an utilitarian outline that is exceptionally practical and enables the earphones to effectively adjust to your head. Looking nearer flaunts a touch of style along the ADX5000's matte-dark segments, which are sprinkled with minor specks of silver.

The cushions along the earcups and headband are layered in fluffy Alcantara to take into consideration agreeable long haul tuning in and, as we can authenticate, you can without much of a stretch listen throughout the day on the off chance that you like. The clasping power of the earcups is only the smallest piece firmer than our inclination, yet it's not something that troubled us, even in the wake of checking in an entire day's tuning in.


Riley Young/Digital Trends

Looking to the ADX5000's inside uncovers the brightness of Audio-Technica's new interpretation of customary tech. The whole lodging of the drivers, including the glass-fiber puzzle, the voice curl, and the permendur (a cobalt and iron compound) attractive circuit, is altogether associated inside a particular, coordinated driver unit. This is intended to diminish any unintended vibration and to lessen weight on account of less screws. Every driver is likewise covered in tungsten, while the shut lodging of the honeycomb outside shield goes for limiting gaseous tension misfortune for proficiency.

The earphones are boxed with a three-meter, sans oxygen interlaced link with a quarter-inch end and A2DC stereo connectors. Those small plastic sources of info may well be the main powerless connection in the outline chain — while you'll be fine on the off chance that you don't play unpleasant, the lodgings aren't as vigorous as, say, the 2.5mm link contributions on Klipsch's HP-3 Heritage earphones, so you'll have to maneuver carefully. We likewise got an extra, additional thick adjusted link with four-stick end — something you may well need to put resources into.


When we initially heard the ADX5000 at CES 2018, we were totally stunned. We spent extremely long in that little side room at the Venetian as the earphones showed an uncanny bent to improve and thrill each track we heard. We're looking at striking progression, material transient reaction, and flickering definition for each instrument, from Kurt Cobain's overdriven guitar to Prince's yelling vocals and chattering synths. A great many genres, the ADX5000 exemplified the best of everything that came their direction.

The earphones show an uncanny inclination to improve and thrill each track.

Here we need to include that our first listen was maybe decorated by Audio-Technica's stunning (and expensive) AT-HA5050H enhancer which includes a touch of warmth and profundity to the flag that wasn't exactly coordinated by our lighter hued test speakers — Antelope's Zodiac Silver DAC and the Klipsch Heritage said before. Without the AT-HA5050H to coordinate them, the radiant earphones float down toward earth — however just a bit.

The ADX5000 are equivalent to a sonic spectrometer for your music, searching out each subtlety and detail over their enormous 5Hz-50kHz recurrence reaction to summon forward a sea of points of interest, surfaces, and sonic hues inside your music. These are among the most powerful earphones we've ever tried, blasting to the point of rattling your head as instruments increase from their moving access to full on tsunamis, while minute nuances are uncovered in tunes you've heard many circumstances.

We assume some time or another we'll come up short on new sounds to investigate inside the Beatles' list, however with earphones like the ADX5000 as yet arriving, it doesn't give the idea that day will come soon. A snappy retread of Love Is All You Need uncovered a relatively stunning number of sonic layers we'd yet to find. Soon after the riotous horns at the introduction, the earphones uncovered a clicking resonation of the steed clop percussion at the inside left that seemed as though we were in the specific live with the Fab Four. Instruments already ousted to namelessness in the shred ascend with rich shading and textural definition to emerge like recently penned performances.

Textural definition is among the ADX5000's essential aural fortes, indeed, and the earphones are never more joyful than when they're delving into the coarse complexities of crunchy, tape-immersed instruments like '70s simple synths and, particularly, filthy electric guitars.

Except if you're an expert guitarist or a 30-year studio vet, you are ensured another investigation of the wide universe of guitar tone through the ADX5000's amplifying focal point. This isn't simply fluffy versus clean, or overdrive versus contortion. Tunes like Radiohead's Subterranean Homesick Alien offer an ace class of absolutely real guitar sounds set before you in a meshwork of close unmistakable sonic development that is relatively overpowering.

This isn't simply fluffy versus clean, or overdrive versus contortion.

Instrumental tone is a long way from the main case of the ADX5000's inclination for stunningly exhaustive definition, obviously. Each breath, string strike, percussive clunk, and pedal tap the studio amplifiers could take in is deftly spread out by the ADX5000, clear notwithstanding while previous hey res tracks for any semblance of Spotify's packed cuts. That is thanks to some degree to the fantastic deftness on offer here, but at the same time it's expected to the colossal soundstage that appears spread out from the sides of your head like a scaled down Milky Way. This immense soundscape leaves a lot of space for each instrument to exist in its own natural space, from brilliant mandolin to plunking piano to ear-destroying guitar.

With respect to the ADX5000's affectability: There are guides audiophiles will need toward consider before pulling the trigger instead of, say, the magnificently adjusted LCD-3 planar attractive earphones specified previously. For a certain something, the ADX5000's 420-ohm impedance implies they're more hard to control than by far most of new earphones hitting the market. All things considered, you'll require a to a great degree fit speaker to open the full edge for your ADX5000 undertakings, and with their enormous potential and disposition, you'll need to pick the correct match.

The earphones have a propensity to incline toward the lighter side in the upper midrange and treble frequencies — that is underscored by an almost 10dB hop in recurrence reaction somewhere in the range of 5kHz and 7kHz, regularly alluded to as the "sibilance" zone. This enables the ADX5000 to convey hurrying clearness and mind blowing nearness, however it can likewise give them some chomp in lighter or inadequately delivered chronicles. This to state, you'll need something with some midrange warmth to extremely set them off, and a decent place to begin — on the off chance that you have the money — is that AT-HA5050H half and half amp we specified. On the off chance that $5,000 to $6,000 is excessively rich for your blood, a double stage tube amp like the Amps and Sound Kenzie could do the trap at a lower cost, or the strong state Marantz HD-DAC1 will perform pleasantly for just $500 .


The earphones accompany a restricted two-year guarantee, the points of interest of which can be found at Audio-Technica's site.


With shining clearness, striking definition, and ultra-touchy progression, Audio Technica's ATH-ADX5000 are a splendid better approach to investigate your music with new ears, all pressed into an upscale and agreeable outline. Simply ensure your earphone amp has a lot of juice to save.

Is there a superior option?

With a buy this enormous, you'll need to ensure the sound mark is ideal for your ears, similarly as you'd guarantee your next extravagance vehicle handles the street to suit your driving style. The ADX5000 is a stunning new flavor, while additionally offering extraordinary solace on account of its light case and cushy cushions, yet regardless we suggest trying out other champion over-ear earphones in their class.

A couple of illustrations we've delighted in incorporate the inconspicuously material LCD-3 planar attractive earphones from Audeze said above (and additionally the LCD-4 and LCD-X); Klipsch's dynamic, shake 'n move Heritage HP-3; and Sennheiser's exemplary for-a-reason HD 800 S. That is only first of all.

To what extent will it last?

The ADX5000's assemble quality is to a great degree strong and Audio-Technica is one of the greatest names in the business, so there's little dread of anything turning out badly. All things considered, be set up to supplant the link not far off in the event that you have any awkwardness in your cosmetics.

Would it be advisable for you to get it?

Indeed. As the crown gem of Audio-Technica's earphone line, the ATH-ADX5000 give no deficiency of motivations to make them yours, should you have the money. In case you're a sound nut searching for sonic shelter, these earphones must be on your waitlist.

Kygo Sound A9/600 BT survey

When we looked at the A9/600 earphones out of the blue, we felt like Kids In Love on Cloud Nine. This is no Fiction; For What It's Worth, these over-ear jars felt like a sound-related Oasis for our ears, suited similarly to Raging as they are to Stargazing until the Sunrise.

Alright, sad. We couldn't encourage ourselves. In 2016, Norwegian DJ-cut maker Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll — also called Kygo — appeared a mark arrangement of earphones, intended to consolidate comfort, sound quality, and great investigates one thorough bundle. He actually worked with the Kygo Sound group to design a perfect sound signature, worked to deal with the requests of pretentious house beats without yielding lucidity or detail. The aftereffect of their endeavors for the feasible A9/600 BT remote headphones– the lead of the Kygo Sound line at $200 – is amazing execution on about all levels.

Note: The A9/600 earphones are really made in China, not Scandinavia.

Pleasant value, premium feel

When we said we experienced passionate feelings for the earphones at first sight, we were making a quip on Kygo's melody titles, yet we were additionally coming clean. The A9/600 – bundled in a standard-issue monochrome box with item subtle elements strewn elegantly about — arrive killed out in stealth dark, except for chrome rings sandwiched between the ear cushions and the edges (see this design).

The all-dark plan looks extremely spotless (all the colorways take after this example, regardless of whether you practice environmental safety, blue-dim, white, or red), with a quieted matte complete on the plating and almost no polished space for fingerprints to stick. The correct container, depicted by a little "R" on the pivot and a major "R" inside the glass, houses the Micro USB charging port, the 3.5mm jack, a LED pointer, and a solitary multifunction catch, which controls power and blending. On the back of the glass, there's a rubbery multifunction contact cushion highlighting Kygo's logo (more on that underneath). The logo additionally shows up on the back of the left glass.

The earcups and band are layered in adaptable foam padding that is completely glorious.

The earcups and band are layered in adaptable foam padding that is completely glorious. Despite the fact that this commentator has ears that stand out more distant than most — they didn't exactly fit cozily into the ear mugs — broadened wear never wound up irritating or awkward by any means. In spite of no dynamic clamor undoing to talk about, the mugs complete an awesome activity of fixing sound in (and out), and at 11.3 ounces, the earphones are genuinely light, as well.

On a full charge, the A9/600's battery goes on for over 20 hours, a strong assume that makes them experts for long flights, however reasonable cautioning – they don't stop themselves after times of dormancy like some more up to date remote models. The real pivots and plating on the earphones feel fairly fragile, yet we expected some minor concessions at this value point.


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Aside from the earphones themselves, you'll get a smooth drawstring convey pocket containing a charge link and a 3.5mm link of sensible length. A legitimate defensive case would have been decent, yet we're not worrying over it. The 3.5mm link is woven, with a solitary catch inline remote, and feels very solid.


Essentially turn the earphones on and associate them by means of Bluetooth – achieved with a five-second press of the power key — and you're good to go. For what it's worth, you can combine up to two gadgets at the same time and NFC accelerates the procedure if your telephone underpins it.

Some minor blemishes

The A9/600 offer magnificent esteem, yet they're not great. The Kygo Sound application offers EQ control, however instead of standard realistic EQ sliders you get a strange framework in which you drag a little speck around a screen with four circles speaking to urban areas which clearly hold wistful incentive for Kygo. Every one of these urban communities is relegated a sound mark, and you can play with blends to locate a solid match. It looks cool, yet … why? The application likewise downloads and applies firmware refreshes remotely, yet the procedure took quite a while — to the point where the earphones passed on mid-refresh (however they weren't completely charged at the time).

KygoLife A9 600 survey

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

Our greatest grumble is the to some degree outlandish touchpad on the back of the correct container. In principle, you'll swipe your finger up or down to control volume, and swipe left or appropriate to skip tracks, yet it once in a while filled in as planned, and in the long run, we simply quit utilizing it. It is anything but a major issue, as you presumably won't end up in numerous situations where you can't simply haul out your telephone, however it's something we'd like the brand to enhance.

Smooth, sultry sound

Because of help for Apple AAC and Qualcomm AptX, remote playback is dependable and clear, with solid protecting ensuring the flag even in gadget overwhelming workplaces or air terminals. In our testing, the earphones really sounded a reasonable piece preferable and clearer over Bluetooth over wired up to our iPhone 6. Credit the A9/600's excellent guts for that, and since their battery endures sufficiently long, going all remote all the time ought to never be an issue.

The earphones complete an extraordinary activity of fixing sound in (and out).

As far as sound quality, the A9/600 offer a rich, warm mark which (obviously) appears to be normally tuned for house music. The midrange is remarkably adjusted, pushing vocals (particularly female artists with higher vocal reaches) into the bleeding edge, however not to the detriment of clearness or shut down low. The bass is smooth, conditioned down a bit naturally — it's strong regardless, however you'll need to actuate the in-application bass lift in the event that you need to really knock — while the upper midrange is clear, permitting guitar culls to assault with flawless exactness. The earphones can get entirely boisterous, and we never saw any contortion, notwithstanding when the bass started to influence our ears to vibrate. The stereo imaging is better than average; left-to-right partition is great, yet you won't see much detail on the "Y" or "Z" planes.

Guarantee data

Kygo Life item guarantees take after nation directions. In the U.S., you'll be secured for multi year.


Kygo Sound's A9/600 are a noteworthy match of remote earphones in that $200 territory. They sound great, look awesome (the tasteful and accessible hues are impeccably suited to streetwear pairings), offer great battery life, and they're to a great degree agreeable.

Is there a superior option?

There truly aren't an excess of awesome over-ear earphones at the $200 to $250 value point. The JBL Everest 710 are another great match, however they're not by any means superior to the A9/900 at anything. At $250, the Focal Listen offer better solid quality, yet they're not remote, and they're somewhat vainglorious. We'd likewise prescribe looking at the Marshall Mid, which additionally arrive in a commotion dropping variant at a cost knock. The Mid are boisterous and ground-breaking, yet offer a stone tasteful as opposed to the A9/600's EDM vibe.

To what extent will it last?

In the event that you keep these on your office work area, anticipate that them will keep going quite a while. In case you're always collapsing them up and tossing them in your pack, the pivots and plating may debase.

Would it be advisable for you to get it?

Indeed. Hardly any earphones offer a similar mix of allure, solace, quality, and moderateness.