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Different trackers may resemble a Fitbit, yet they don't contrast when it accompanies style, fit and capacity. Fitbit has the most recent projects, as multi-sport recording, GPS following and remote synchronizing – all pressed in an appealing, tough bundle. All the more imperatively, their details are shown progressively, something the opposition can't assert. Their movement trackers go well beyond: they don't simply disclose to you when and the amount you're moving, they additionally reveal to you when you're not sufficiently moving and make you go. Furthermore, the most up to date models highlight email and content abilities, so you can stay in contact notwithstanding when you're in a hurry. There are a wide range of sorts of Fitbit trackers, however don't stress, we will let you know all that you have to know so you can pick the best Fitbit wellness tracker for you and your family.
Reviews of the best fitbits

My #1 Recommendation

You'll discover approximately 4,000 words beneath looking at the various Fitbit models. Yet, in the event that you need to know which one I for one wear and prescribe for the vast majority, it is the Charge 2. It is basic, thin, tracks precisely, is moderately evaluated, and has every one of the highlights that most by far of individuals will ever require. Snap here to see its cost and take in more.

Picking the Best Fitbit

Since we feel it's imperative to instruct yourself so you can pick the Fitbit that best serves your necessities, we've made a rundown of the distinctive models accessible and their capacities:

Fitbit Reviews: Meet the Family

In the wake of hearing the bits of gossip for a considerable length of time, we currently know there's another child on the square. The Ionic watch has just created HUGE buzz, and is the unmatched lead of the Fitbit lineup.

Check Price and Compare on AmazonHere are the highlights that set this one apart:

Water impervious to 50 meters: This is an enormous (and keen) expansion by Fitbit, the same number of customers have swung to different wellness trackers to get the water opposition they requirement for swimming

Store and play music: Play music straight from your wrist — the Ionic hides away to 300 melodies or plays from Pandora

Coordinated applications: To keep with the preface of having all that you require on your wrist while you work out, the Ionic will highlight some inherent applications (counting installment choices) so you can stop for espresso after your keep running without requiring your wallet

Worked in GPS: It wouldn't have been finished (or aggressive) without it, yet the inherent GPS is as yet an appreciated component

Enhanced sensors: The Ionic will flaunt untouchable innovation to guarantee precise following and information

The plan looks incredible, and it is valued intensely. Propelled on October first, 2017, this ought to be an astounding choice for occasion gifting. Request the Ionic today

New Smartwatch Coming Soon

We are super amped up for the new Fitbit Versa, which just propelled this spring. The Versa has a smooth style, the most up to date in innovation, and a reasonable sticker price.

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There's a considerable measure to be amped up for in the Versa. Here are a portion of the key highlights and specs:

Water impervious to 50 meters

Fitbit dashboard and following (steps, heart rate, rest)

New Female Health Tracking highlights

On screen guided exercises

Suggestions to move

Guided relaxing

Pandora play and capacity

Cell phone notices (brisk answers will at first be accessible with Android as it were)

Fitbit application store

multi day battery life

Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Wristband

With a striking mix of elegant looks and historic new highlights that energize solid living, the Charge 2 is a stage up from one of their smash hits: The Fitbit Charge.

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It takes Fitbit's responsibility and comprehension of being solid and hoists it to a more elevated amount by joining physical and mental arrangements to get you fit all around. It has enhanced PurePulse heart rate following, giving you exactness readings.

Present day, Flattering Design: The Charge 2 has a cutting edge contact screen and curiously large face that is 4 times greater than the first, and additionally tradable groups and clock faces, influencing it to look anything like a regular tracker.

Direct Breathing: Considered to be the Charge 2's most charming and noteworthy new highlights, Relax mode utilizes PurePulse innovation to encourage you how control and level your relaxing.

Depiction Cardio: Another extraordinary additional that utilizations PurePulse, Snap talk cardio gives you a preview, or moment photo of your wellness level and score utilizing your client profile, heart rate and exercise information to decide your VO2 Max level.

This is perfect for getting in shape or make your present routine all the more difficult.

Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Tracker

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Smooth Design: 25% littler than the first Alta, the Alta HR feels light, yet secure on your wrist. I cherish the restricted, elliptical band and OLED screen, giving it a tense yet great look. The elastomer groups, a Fitbit trademark, are accessible in various hues and agreeable to practice in. Concerning the screen, it is like the first, with a tap screen to switch between details.

Heart Rate Monitoring: The Alta HR sports PurePulse, utilizing sensors to track you through your heartbeat and perceive how hard your heart is functioning. PurePulse tracks you for every movement, at that point breaks down your details to control you the correct way. It will make suggestions on schedules or recurrence, which is a major help for anybody endeavoring to get more fit.

Propelled Sleep Tracking: The rest following component on the Alta HR is further developed than different models, following your rest and heart rate. Utilizing heart rate levels, it can breakdown to what extent you are in the different phases of rest and can enable you to rectify terrible examples. Rest s indispensable to repair muscle tissue and renew vitamins, so this data is priceless.

Shrewd Track: One of the best highlights and a take in this value extend, Smart Track can tell on the off chance that you are strolling, climbing or cycling, and record details in view of those developments. You don't have to sign in or make sure to program it. You should simply have your gadget on. It does basically everything for you, recording details in light of information!

Shrewd Notifications: Get calls, messages, and text-based notifications, ideal on the screen. You can read parts of your messages, enabling you to remain in contact with family and managers.

The Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Check Price and Compare on Amazon The Blaze is Fitbit's most current tracker and is pressed with firsts as far as looks and innovation. The Blaze is Fitbit's first obvious smartwatch, joining innovation absolute necessities with athletic highlights for a radical new ordeal. Highlighting altered band plans and a first-historically speaking shading touchscreen, clients will be stunned by its outline as much as by what it can do. The Blaze's primary highlights include:

An imaginative plan that incorporates tradable groups in polymer, cowhide or hardened steel that arrive in a wide cluster of hues. There's likewise a smooth octagonal high-determination touchscreen that showcases shrewd warnings, details, time and then some.

Unadulterated Pulse heart rate observing, which has been enhanced by including new optical sensors that can track even the scarcest development all day, every day, no catches required.

Applications that assistance you practice all the more proficiently, similar to Smart Track and FitStar. Keen Track is an activity acknowledgment highlight and FitStar is a worked in training program you can access whenever no telephone or Bluetooth required.

Improved sit without moving ready that changes and takes it to the following level. With the new alarm you get a buzz each hour until the point that you move-and it will continue humming until the point that you stroll no less than 250 stages. This is incredible and makes it less demanding than at any other time for you to get in your every day action.

Brilliant notices that you can quietness, so you can work out without intrusion when you need to and be informed of approaching calls when you would prefer not to be bothered.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Check Price and Compare on Amazon The Alta is an incredible sight, taking everything that makes a Fitbit gadget awesome and making it exceptional. With an accentuation on plan and capacity it is a stage above in key territories, most remarkably style and accommodation. Its principle highlights are:

A smooth, rubber treated band that comes in 7 hues, alongside calfskin and metal band alternatives for a really modified look that can go from work to play.

OLED tap screen that shows all your details and warnings, giving you all that you require comfortable fingertips. The screen additionally takes out glare, so you can read it in any light.

Brilliant Track: With Smart Track your gadget perceives practice moves and consequently records them without you logging in or program it for speedy, straightforward following the manner in which it ought to be.

Guest ID, content and date-book warnings mean you generally recognize what's happening notwithstanding when you're working up a perspiration.

Fitbit Surge Wristband

This is the Muhammad Ali of exercise trackers: a smooth, strong gadget that is stuffed with the most recent in wellness and individual applications to suit every one of your needs. The Surge is a fantasy for any individual who is focused on their wellbeing and needs to take full advantage of their exercises. It is stacked with shrewd applications also, so you can talk or content while you're moving. What makes the Surge the most elite? We should investigate:

Fitbit Surge Fitnes Super Watch

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PurePulse Heart Rate: this wrist-based innovation gives 24 hour following of your cardiovascular movement. It enables you to differ and change your preparation as it happens, so you amplify your exercises without fail. Additionally demonstrates to you your resting heart rate, a great pointer of how much one's general wellbeing has made strides.

Multi-sport following: can screen and record details for numerous games, such as running, soccer,cross-preparing and whatever else that gets your heart pumping. You can investigate information for each and look at as well.

Get notices of calls, messages and messages ideal on your gadget: you can see and react without your cell phone so you can truly go sans hands. This model even enables you to control your music ideal on the screen too.

GPS tracking:The GPS highlight records where you run, at that point shows it whenever you run that course so you can ensure you remain on the correct way.

The Surge was ceased in 2017, yet you can in any case get one at a moderate cost!

Fitbit Flex 2

The Fitbit Flex 2 increases present expectations on how a "reasonable" tracker should perform and look, with highlights some smartwatches wish they had-like being waterproof. Indeed, the Flex 2 is the solitary Fitbit that is waterproof, so you can wear it to swim, shower or keep running in the rain! However, that is only a little piece of what makes it so extraordinary. With the head-swinging capacity to be worn on your wrist or around your neck like an accessory, there are extravagance completes and includes that makes this part tracker and part proclamation piece.

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Striking, Simplistic Design: With a removable tracker and an assortment of 7 band hues and various materials, the Flex 2 can take you from the pool to a night out without avoiding a beat.

Utilizing a thin LED show, the Flex 2 utilizes hued lights to caution you when you hit objectives and keep you educated of approaching calls and warnings.

Extravagance Accessories: Providing you with a definitive in customization, Flex 2can be worn as a wrist trinket or a pendant. With completes in silver, gold or rose hued treated steel and lasso style neckbands in similar completions, nobody will even know you're wearing a tracker-except if you need them to.

Swim-Proof/Swim Tracking: Fitbit's first swim-evidence tracker is water safe up to 50 meters, so you can securely swim in a pool, sea, or move in the rain. It additionally consequently records lap times and redundancies by means of the Fitbit App.

Constrained Smart Track: You can track select activities, for example, running swimming, biking and all the more naturally without programming it.

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

Smooth and a la mode it does everything the first Charge can, in addition to it shows at least a bit of kindness rate screen to truly gauge the power of your activity administration. It can let you know in case you're going to hard or not sufficiently hard, so you can change as you go. There are likewise some awesome extra highlights, including:

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The heart rate screen doesn't require a tie or wire to track: it utilizes LED lights to gauge blood volume which is an immediate and precise heart beat marker.

The Charge HR makes the ideal stocking stuffer for the individuals who appreciate their exercises.

iPhone clients can utilize the versatile run application to delineate climbs and runs utilizing their cell phone's GPS.

View run details for as far back as month and find inside and out examination demonstrating steps calories and extra data.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Wristband (Best Budget Tracker 2016)

This adaptable wellness tracker is ideal for apprentices simply beginning to get fit as a fiddle or youthful grown-ups who need a cool looking band. The Flex display comes in 5 hues: pink, blue, orange, dark and dark so you can alter the blessing as per who you're purchasing for. A portion of it's key highlights include:

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This model comes bundled with substantial and little wristbands, so clients get the ideal fit. The groups are both solid and agreeable: you won't see you're wearing it.

You can monitor vital details, similar to calories consumed, steps strolled, separate secured and more as you approach the day.

The Flex has a quiet alert that can be set to wake you and the gadget screens your rest quality for a reasonable picture of how peaceful you were.

You can program day by day objectives and it will give you a readout for the duration of the day revealing to you that you are so near that objective.

Battery goes on for about seven days on end, so you don't need to always take it off to charge.

Clear in outline and utilize, this is an extraordinary tracker for the individuals who like the straightforward things throughout everyday life.

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

The Zip influences the ideal present for individuals who to think practice is fun since this little gadget is both amusing to take a gander at and utilize. Littler than the palm of your hand, the Zip can cut on to anything: your pocket, bra tie, belt or sock-nobody will know you're wearing it except if you need them as well. What separates the Zip from different models? New highlights like:

Check Price and Compare on Amazon

Notwithstanding charcoal it additionally comes in splendid, eye-getting hues: yellow, pink and blue, making it the ideal form adornment for the individuals who need to create an impression.

The Zip was made to make preparing fun: notwithstanding following details like calories, steps and separation it additionally can match up to your PC or Bluetooth gadgets so you can contend and share details with companions.

There is a free application for iPhone and Android clients to make interfacing simple thus you can log data like what you ate for the day, track your weight and that's just the beginning.

It is rain, sweat and sprinkle evidence so you know it will last regardless of what conditions you're practicing in.

An extraordinary present for any individual who appreciates some well disposed rivalry in their life.

This notwithstanding the standard highlights that accompany different models is the reason the Surge is the Tiffany's of blessings.

Fitbit History

The name Fitbit is synonymous with greatness. Fitbit is one of the pioneers of wearable action trackers. They presented their first gadget in 2009, preceding other innovation organizations even realized what they were, and they've never thought back. Fitbit has discharged a few more up to date forms, every one superior to the following. They may all have distinctive highlights, however every ha a similar reason: to make you more mindful of your wellbeing and keep you fit.

Why Fitbit?

In case you're searching for the ideal blessing then this is it. Wellness trackers are extremely popular nowadays in our wellbeing cognizant society and the Fitbit is the most famous one in light of current circumstances. Here are only a portion of the numerous reasons why you ought to get a Fitbit for the general population in your life:

Inventive Design: Every model is made to look sharp and smooth. On account of untouchable materials you won't see you're wearing one since they are so lightweight.

Remarkable Performance: These gadgets go well past the standard calorie/step-counters that are available. There are prompts when you've been sitting or sit still for a really long time, GPS following to plan and screen your runs, track your heart rate while you prepare and more.As a reward, battery life is up to 7 days or more, so you are not bothered by charging everything the time.

Inventive Technology: With 8 worked in sensors, tie free heart observing, split-screen correlations and smartwatch capacities this gadget has the most recent, bleeding edge innovation to make life less demanding.

Notwithstanding all these incredible highlights, the Fitbit is sensibly evaluated: regardless of whether you need to spend a little or a great deal, there's a Fitbit for everybody on your blessing list.

Fitbit Benefits

Regardless of which wellness tracker you pick you will get your cash's worth. These tracker are diverse with regards to the fancy odds and ends yet they all offer you a precise read out of your day by day exercises. Everything comes down to your identity and who you're purchasing for: mothers will love the Charge since they can be come to rapidly if their kids require them, while experts will love the Surge since they can browse work email or convey a fast content update while working out. The greater part of the gadgets have these key advantages:

They make you mindful of how physically dynamic you are (or aren't!), so you can enhance your general wellbeing.

They inspire you to exercise and get down to business with their fun applications and upgrades that get you amped up for wellness.

Their following capacity causes you to alter your exercise so you do it the correct way-no all the more speculating in case you're consuming calories, now you know.

Fitbit Device Reviews: How Do They Compare?

To get an unmistakable picture of which gadget best suits your necessities you have to perceive how they stack up in every class. How about we think about each model in the significant classes: Overall Design (Screens and Bands) When it comes to appearance it is something other than inclination, as you should consider solace and adaptability as well. The Blaze is by a long shot the most delightful, with its shaded screen and snappy, exchangeable groups. Notwithstanding the Fitbit elastomer lively band there is a cowhide one and metal one. Over that it has a hued touchscreen show that lessens glare and makes everything dynamic. On the off chance that you need a gadget that looks sharp, this may be the correct fit, if you can bear the cost of it. On the off chance that you need something in a little lower value point, or that is somewhat less fastidious, the Charge HR has a considerable measure to offer. It has OLED show with perfectly clear screen that can be perused in any light. Likewise, the Charge HR comes in various band hues and the elastomer is turned out to be both agreeable and breathable. On the off chance that you need a model that can go from work to play, at that point you ought to think about the Alta. With its thin and polished look it can be worn to work or for a night out, making it simpler to use on a reliable premise. It is sensibly evaluated and meets proficient and athletic requirements, with a sharp OLED screen that gives you moment access to practice details, notices and the time. At long last, for those searching for something more prudent the Flex or Zip might be the best approach. The Flex is thin and has a little show with LED lights to demonstrate advance. It likewise comes in 8 hues, influencing it to seem more like a wrist trinket than tracker. The zip is much more cautious, so you can cut it under your shirt or on your belt, so nobody even knows you're wearing it. Generally speaking Features All the gadgets track separate, calories, steps and rest, however they vary in some individual highlights, which we will feature. The Surge, Blaze and Charge HR all have PurePulse, Caller ID and Smart Notifications while the Blaze and Surge both have SmartTrack also. The Blaze is the just a single with FitStar and the Surge is the just a single with worked in GPS.

Heart Rate Monitor – How hard do I exercise and exercise?

Fitbit Blaze Heart Rate Monitor When it comes to following heart rate the Surge, Blaze and Charge HR are the best decisions. Every one of the 3 are fitted with PurePulse innovation, the distinction is in how it's utilized. The Surge is a perfect decision in the event that you work out frequently and do distinctive games, as it has GPS to work couple with the heart rate screen. GPS builds precision and furthermore gives the Surge a chance to screen heart rate as per particular exercises. The Charge HR and Blaze don't have worked in GPS, however they both have choice heart observing that tracks you each second of the day. GPS – How far do I go on a walk or run? With regards to GPS following the Surge is the best approach. GPS is incorporated straightforwardly with the gadget, which means there is no compelling reason to convey your telephone. This beats the Apple Watch, which utilizes a telephone for GPS. GPS gives you a chance to track where and to what extent you run and walk. It helps making the detail more precise. The Blaze has GPS when you match up to a telephone, yet conveying a telephone while running can overload you and be somewhat irritating. Water Resistant – Water-confirmation or not? A Man Diving with Fitbit Flex 2 LifestyleThe Flex 2 is the special case that is water-confirmation, which means you can securely swim, shower or get captured in the rain. This opens up a radical new world to swimmers or the individuals who need to swim and track. None of the other Fitbit gadgets are waterproof, yet the higher-end models (Surge, Blaze, Charge and Charge HR) are water safe up to 5 ATM. That implies you can sweat and get captured in the rain with it, yet no swimming or showering (to be protected). Battery – how regularly do I have to charge my Fitbit? Battery life can be imperative, contingent upon the amount you travel and plan to utilize the gadget. Of the considerable number of models the Surge gives you the most for your cash, with 7 long periods of battery life. In any case, the Zip has a replaceable battery that keeps going 4-6 months, an engaging choice in the event that you don't need the problem of charging your gadget. The Blaze, Charge HR, Charge 2 and Flex all have 5 long stretches of battery life. Cost – What's the best arrangement and what I require? While the greater part of Fitbit's gadgets are reasonable, they do fluctuate in cost. The Surge costs the most, at just shy of $250, yet you get a great deal for your cash, most remarkably GPS. The Blaze come in under $200 and is a strong decision because of the shaded touchscreen and highlights like FitStar. In any case, the distinctive groups do cost additional and must be obtained independently. For those on a spending you can likewise think about the Charge HR, which is under $140 and has heart checking, shaded groups and shrewd warnings, giving you an expensive vibe for significantly less. At long last, for the individuals who need the most for their buck we recommend either the Flex or the Zip, which are both under $100. The Alta is additionally a savvy decision for the individuals who are spending plan cognizant. Despite the fact that it doesn't have heart rate checking, at around $120 it is a take because of its flexible styling and propelled practice highlights.


You'll have no issue picking the best Fitbit wellness tracker now that you comprehend what every one of them can do. Customers can't quit discussing these gadgets since they truly do change your point of view toward physical movement to improve things. Clients are really inspired by how much these Fitbit trackers bring to the table and how unmistakably and precisely they show all you apropos exercise certainties. Your exercises will complete a 360° turn for the better once you lash one on. Of the considerable number of models, the Charge 2 and the Blaze have developed as the best 2 decisions among customers, for various reasons. The Surge has for quite some time been the tip top tracker of the gathering, however for those searching for far and away superior highlights at a lessened value the Charge 2 is presently the model of decision. It is ideal for youthful experts and gives a full-body encounter that will mitigate and practice your psyche and body. Stuffed with the most recent mechanical advances, it has the best of the two universes, settling on it a superb decision for the individuals who need a gadget that performs on request. The Flex 2 is additionally another extraordinary pick, particularly for those needing something in vogue, moderate and exceedingly utilitarian. It can be worn in any setting and has the reward of being water-verification, so it's ideal for genuine disapproved of wellness buffs, apprentices and progressed and clients. However, the up and coming Ionic smartwatch will change things for a portion of those hoping to purchase their first Fitbit or overhaul their current gadget. This simply reported watch will drop in October (yet you can preorder now) and guarantees to be the most exceptional Fitbit yet. By and large, these gadgets give an overall positive ordeal with regards to living solid. They make practice simple and fun-which is the way to consistency and achievement. The Charge 2, Blaze and Surge give you best in class working that can't be equaled, while the Flex 2, Alta and Charge HR join economy with execution. Everybody who as ever utilized a Fitbit says a similar thing: there is no better exercise tracker available. Fitbit can't be beat in value, bundling or use. Regardless of whether you're new to the exercise center scene or a prepared master you will love Fitbit and all it brings to the table.