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"Razer made a wearable?" is normally the primary inquiry I get when I tell individuals what the most recent contraption on my wrist is.

The appropriate response is: indeed, Razer, the prevalent gaming equipment organization known for going out on a limb in tech has made a wellness tracker called the Nabu X. Actually, it's the second wearable, with the first being just the Nabu.

Razer Nabu X

The more up to date one is a greater amount of a section level wearable, evaluated pleasantly at $50 (£45, about AU$61.79) which is for all intents and purposes a take in the event that you've been tingling to experiment with a tracker.

Gone for gamers, the band guarantees to be a discrete wearable that won't divert from your diversion time.

There's only one issue: the Nabu X still needs some work on the off chance that it needs to be deserving of gamers' wrists. All things considered, it sits decisively in a situation to be a device that is "adequate," particularly with its low value point.


The first Nabu experienced a few changes previously settling on a Fitbit Charge-esque plan, while the new Nabu X resembles your normal, unassuming wellness tracker.

I'm not especially partial to the Jawbone UP24's unbending arm ornament frame, and I completely loathe the Fitbit fasten. Razer appears to have bypassed these infuriating outline characteristics and rather decided on something in the center - something considerably more agreeable and easy to utilize.

Razer Nabu X

The Nabu X's sensor module is exchangeable between the three tie hues: dark, green and white. The material continues as before delicate, hypoallergenic silicone elastic complete as the first Nabu, and appears as though it could be a far off cousin of the Fitbit Flex.

The catch is anything but difficult to utilize and snaps set up without an excessive amount of issue, which is fabulous. In any case, individuals with littler wrists will have a touch of additional tie that will stand out and at times get captured on things. This transpired frequently, and I needed to always tuck the lash underneath the band once more.

Razer Nabu X

The material of the Nabu X likewise gets shrouded in build up madly quick, which is to a great degree irritating. A soggy washcloth disposes of it alright, however it was basically futile, in light of the fact that the band would quickly pull in dust like a magnet.


In the event that there's one thing Razer got ideal with the Nabu X, it's solace. The tracker feels basically weightless and inconspicuous on the wrist.

It's little and sufficiently thin that I never saw I was wearing it. Additionally, beside the additional piece of band jabbing out, it doesn't make putting on coats a five moment undertaking - an issue I've had with bigger wearables previously.

The one-estimate fits all tie likewise fits easily around my modest wrist without influencing it to feel as though it were kept into a wrist-sized straight coat. The material additionally enables the Nabu X to stay comfortable, since it's delicate and adaptable contrasted with other harder, plasticky lashes.

The Nabu X is perfect with the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and gadgets running Android 4.3 or later.

The band is likewise evaluated IP67, which means you can submerge it in water up to one meter. There's an accelerometer and pedometer stuffed inside the previously mentioned separable sensor module, as well.

Razer Nabu X (White) at Amazon for $39.99


When I initially utilized the Nabu X back in January amid CES 2015, I was told there was certifiably not an immense change in specs between Razer's two wearables.

The primary contrast between the section level band and its pricier forerunner is that the previous does not have an OLED screen.

Razer Nabu X

Rather than an instant message you read on your wrist, the Nabu X houses three adaptable LEDs to advise you of different alarms, which you can beware of your telephone. The light hues can be changed around to speak to what kind of notice is being gotten, while vibrations supplement the X's notice framework.

This all sounds incredible, however it's every one of the a distorted plan. Approaching calls, alerts and warnings get their own particular arrangement of LED lights, yet each and every tweet, Facebook message, content or whatever notices you have set, will appear as one shading. This makes it quite hard to separate between the kinds of messages you're getting, which doesn't influence the framework to feel extremely helpful.

At whatever point my wrist hummed, I knew something was going on my telephone. I didn't considerably try checking the hues to perceive what the alarm may be about, since it could have been any sort of message. This notwithstanding, is by all accounts the sort of experience Razer is pointing the Nabu X toward - the gaming wearable where you just need to look at your wrist to check whether you're getting a telephone call or some sort of message as opposed to getting occupied and perusing a screen, making you miss a headshot.

Trading data

Another idea Razer has touted about the Nabu X is that it's a "social wearable." This fair means there's a component - exclusive tech Razer calls "Heartbeat" - that permits individuals wearing the X to trade data through handshakes. It works correspondingly to NFC however utilizes Bluetooth LE (Low Energy.

Razer Nabu X

Once empowered and permitted through the Nabu X application, the motion makes the groups impart and send information through Twitter, Facebook and WeChat. It additionally gives out information in case you're close-by someone else wearing the Nabu X.

It was an element I was really eager to experiment with, in light of the fact that my prior demo left me inquisitive about what sort of data the groups could trade.

Razer Nabu X

In the wake of shaking hands with my partner, our Nabu X's conveyed DMs through Twitter saying, great, we shook hands. In particular, "Handshake from Razer Nabu!" alongside a timestamp could be perused from our telephones while the Nabu X application additionally let us know we shook hands. I didn't get anything through Facebook.

After the curiosity wore off, I understood it wouldn't state much else and left it at that. Be that as it may, for the duration of the day, our Nabu X's accepted each open door to inform the two of us that we had shook hands when we were essentially strolling by each other or sitting at our work areas.

I even have a convenient log of the entire trade from 10 toward the beginning of the day until six around evening time. As a matter of fact, it was funny at first, however rapidly wound up annoying having my wrist humming ceaselessly to something that wasn't even a warning.

Beside the way that there is by all accounts in a glitch in the Pulse framework over-telling you, I likewise don't have to know I got a handshake from somebody I just shook hands with. Maybe Razer will change the message later on or let clients alter their own particular messages. That way, the trackers won't unremittingly express the self-evident (and ideally won't be relentless by any means).

Rest following

Following rest can occur in two different ways: "Programmed" expects you to set a time allotment, so the Nabu X will know when to begin observing you. At that point there's the "Manual" technique, which begins following when it's turned on through the Utility application - meaning you'll need to turn it off when you wake up too.

I don't know whether it was my band particularly or an issue with the application, yet rest following didn't appear to work appropriately. I set the band to begin following at 11:00pm and end at 8:00am yet the application indicated nothing. I re-adjusted the framework and it at last appeared after re-approving the application (once more). Anyway it said I rested for 22 hours with the diagram taking note of that following began at 10:30am and finished at 9pm the following day.

Despite the fact that a touch of confusing, this is likely another carriage application include that can be settled with a fix.

Strangely, rather than utilizing one application for all the Nabu X's needs, the band expects you to download two: Nabu X Utility and Nabu Fitness.

Razer Nabu X

Razer Nabu X (White) at Amazon for $39.99

The Utility application gives you a chance to alter the band's lights and notice framework, set cautions, turn on social settings, empower rest mode and check the battery level.

Nabu Fitness enables you to track steps, remove strolled or ran, calories consumed and rest. You would then be able to isolate the measurements into different time interims to monitor your year, month, three months, week or day of movement. Particular days can likewise be checked.

Razer Nabu X

Objectives can be set to whatever parameters you pick through a sliding scale or by physically entering them in.

You can tap the highest point of the Nabu to see the improvement of one objective, which you can set from the Utility application. One light implies you're under 33%, two lights implies under 67% and three means you've achieved 100%. A blue, green and red light combo implies you've outperformed your objective.

The affectability of the tracker was wonky now and again and didn't generally appear on the main tap.

Little line charts are uncovered when you select the diverse measurements, yet they don't uncover much past spreading out a summed up time when the movement occurred, and the level of the objective finished.

The Nabu X's wellness following capacities appear to function admirably. While wearing my Apple Watch, I could look at the quantities of steps taken amid an entire day. Except for around 20 stages, the quantities of the X and Apple Watch coordinated up well: 3,941 and 3,922, individually. Since it's hard to observe which pedometer is regurgitating the most precise information, the nearby numbers disclose to me that they're both inside a sensible range.

There are no choices to enter sustenance consumption, so the caloric data is extrapolated exclusively from the pedometer measurements. Since the application is really essential, I can see future programming refreshes including more wellness following capacities.

Battery life

Most wellness trackers have incredible battery life span, since there's generally no screen. The Nabu X happens to be one of these, flaunting a lithium-polymer battery with five to seven long periods of battery life, contingent upon utilization.

Razer Nabu X

With relatively every internet based life warning, the handshake capacity and rest following turned on, my Nabu X is in general down to 83% following three days. Now, I expect it will last straight up to seven days, or get truly close.

A restrictive charger is utilized with the X. This isn't astonishing considering relatively every wearable available has its own uncommon kind of charger.

There are a considerable measure of good wellness trackers out there and a great deal of horrendous ones. The Nabu X falls somewhat nearer to the last basically on the grounds that it doesn't especially emerge. In any case, it remains a not too bad contender for your wrist.

We enjoyed

The lightweight, clean outline of the Razer wearable is unquestionably engaging, on the off chance that you need wrist-product that isn't vainglorious. The battery life is likewise extraordinary, and won't abandon you energizing another device consistently.

Razer Nabu X (White) at Amazon for $39.99

The Nabu X's reasonable cost is additionally on point and truly helps make obtaining the wellness tracker a simple decision. That is particularly on the off chance that you've been looking at trackers, yet would prefer not to hack up a hundred bucks.

We loathed

The band needs strong highlights. Like other straightforward wellness trackers, there's no reasonable method to recognize warnings.

The uncommon "social" features of the Nabu X additionally don't work that well. There's potential in trading data between wearables. However, at this moment, it's awfully surrey and, in all honesty, unrealistic. The wellness application could likewise be more point by point.

Last decision

Wellness trackers, particularly the section level ones, don't offer much in the highlights division, so I can't state that Razer didn't attempt. The issues I have with the Nabu X appear as though they can be settled after some time with programming refreshes.

Be that as it may, as may be, this wearable isn't a bit of tech to get amped up for. The entire gaming tie-in is additionally astounding, considering that something squinting and humming on my wrist will divert me regardless.

All things considered, there's very little I can discover to through and through loathe about the Nabu X. In any case, it wouldn't make me like to bounce all over, advising individuals to dispose of their present wellness trackers. Rather, it just abandons me feeling apathetic.

For 50 bucks, however, I can state it won't mark your wallet in the event that you need to give it a go. Simply don't expect anything exceptional.

It took the whole range of 2014 for the Razer Nabu to at long last get an official discharge – though just in the US – yet that didn't prevent Razer from uncovering its less expensive, more youthful sibling, the Razer Nabu X at CES 2015.

Jettisoning the OLED screen, at first glance the Razer Nabu X is a standard action tracker, with a couple of traps concealed from everyone – the greatest of which is its value point. You can lift one up for under $50/£45.

That pits it decisively against any semblance of the Misfit Flash and the Jawbone UP Move. Be that as it may, would it be able to contend? Read our full Razer Nabu X audit to discover.

Razer Nabu X: Design and show

The Nabu X comes in three hues – dark, white and green – we took the dark one for a turn. Its setup is like the Fitbit Flex, whereby the equipment itself is a module that flies into an opening at the front of the lash.

Guide: Razer Nabu X all you have to know

The module has the mark green Razer shading on its back and sides and, when you're wearing the Nabu X, you can see this fluorescent trim jutting from your wrist. The band is an elastic, texturized, number that is a one-measure fits-all. This shouldn't be an issue however as there are various attaching openings and the band is really stretchy.

The Nabu X is really a standout amongst the most discrete and agreeable wellness trackers we've tried and the construct quality is a long way from spending plan.

To hold the cost down Razer has dumped the OLED show from the first Nabu, and it rather utilizes a trio of LED lights to educate the client of step objectives, cell phone warnings and cautions. These lights, which can gleam red, blue or green, are on the front of the module and radiate through the lash.

Razer Nabu X: Activity following

As far as movement following, the measurements recorded are quite essential – steps, separation, calories and rest. In any case, hello, what more did you expect at this value point?

You'd likely anticipate that these viewpoints will really be followed, isn't that so? Unfortunately not. We found that on some days the Nabu X didn't record any data, on others it blanked out for times of times and, on days when we got a reliable understanding, we observed the progression check to be a considerable amount short of what we accomplished on a Fitbit Charge and the Mio Fuse.

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A twofold tap on the Nabu X guessed demonstrate how you're doing against your decided objective in spite of the fact that, in spite of two or three firmware refreshes getting, this still isn't occurring on our gadget. A twofold tap essentially gives us the battery level. A brisk look on the web and it's undeniable we're not by any means the only ones experiencing this glitch – regardless of refreshing the firmware twice (which was suggested) despite everything we lack choice for objective following.

Rest checking can be turned on inside the application, or you can choose a day and age where you need this perspective to start up consequently. For instance, you can instruct it to enter rest mode if no development is recognized somewhere in the range of 10pm and 8am.

The rest details give an essential outline of profound rest and light rest which, as we've mourned with over brand's wearables, isn't generally valuable… just somewhat fascinating. In any case, much the same as the progression following we observed rest checking to be hit and miss. One night, in spite of visiting slumberland for 8 hours, our Nabu X recorded only 6 minutes of rest.

Razer Nabu X: Notifications and social sharing

While there's no screen to keep you refreshed with your cell phone warnings, regardless you're cautioned of calls, SMS and social cooperations. The thought is you can alter the three little LEDs that to streak with various shading combos for some random notice. For instance you may pick two greens and one red for a WhatsApp message.

On test: Our full Fitbit Surge survey

That is the thought in any event. For the present, you should manage with three green glimmering lights… for everything. Basically, any alarm you have set to appear in your cell phone's notice focus will trigger three green lights and a buzz. Possibly you need email cautions on your telephone however not on your wrist. Bad news. It's win big or bust and it's three green lights without fail.

This means you're continually being hummed and alarmed, yet you have no idea regarding what until the point that you haul your telephone out of your pocket. That is pretty naff, we're certain you'll concur.

An approaching call is three blue lights, and an alert is three red lights, so in any event you recognize what they are nevertheless the LED personalisation alternatives can't come soon enough.

Razer Nabu X: Social sharing

The social highlights of the band are angles Razer is quick to yell about and once more, in principle, set the wearable apart from its adversaries.

The huge arrangement is to make the Nabu gadgets social utilizing Razer's Pulse stage. The thought is you can share action information, connect with multiplayer amusements and even to 'high five' another Nabu or Nabu X client close-by to rapidly trade Facebook or Twitter data.

In any case, with the measure of Razer Nabu gadgets in the wild so low, this is a list of capabilities that tumbles down very quickly. You'd require mass selection of the Nabu stage for this to take off and, regardless of us having Pulse turned on amid our week or so with the band, we've yet to go over another client to try out the imparting capacities to.

The Razer Nabu application store, which we're told will overflow with social recreations, so far has only one – and that is just accessible in China.

Razer Nabu X: The application

That subheading should maybe read, "The applications", as you'll have to download a team of uses so as to get your Nabu X up and running: the Nabu X Utility application and the Nabu Fitness application, which is out and out asinine.

You'll begin with the Utility application. This is the place you match the gadget, adjust the settings, check for firmware refreshes, set alerts et cetera. You'll at that point need to bounce into the Fitness application to investigate your movement details.

Wareable decision: Fitbit Charge HR audit

At the point when at first matching the Utility application continued revealing to us our gadget was at that point adjusted to another record, notwithstanding us having removed it straight from a fixed box. After three hard resets, it at last coordinated up.

In the wellness application you'll get fundamental breakdowns and charts for your means, separate voyaged, calories and rest and you can see these in day, week, month or multi month groups. It's unfathomably stripped back and any individual who's utilized a Jawbone, Fitbit or Withings application may well be baffled by exactly how noble the investigation is.

Razer Nabu X: Battery life and additional items

Razer guarantees up to seven days of battery existence with the Nabu X in spite of the fact that we thought that it was required a charge after around five long stretches of consistent utilize. In any case, that is truly great and it charges to full from the respectability USB controlled connector in a little more than 60 minutes.

The Nabu X will work with any Android gadget running Android 4.3 or above and iPhones from the 5 onwards. It's Apple Health perfect also.

The Nabu X additionally still waterproof, up to 30 minutes in 1m of water, which is great thinking about the low cost.

Razer Nabu X

By Razer

The Razer Nabu X is a well fabricated, smooth looking wearable that, in principle, has a list of capabilities that misrepresents its sparing sticker price. Notwithstanding, a lot of what's guaranteed is either not prepared or not working. The wellness following perspective is inconsistent and erroneous, the applications are fundamental and surrey, and huge numbers of the further developed highlights depend on across the board reception, which appears to be far-fetched. The Nabu X feels particularly like a work in advance and in case you're hoping to spend around $50/£50 on an action tracker, you'd be vastly improved off with a Misfit Flash or a Jawbone UP Move.


Decent plan

Battery life is entirely great

Contact board is responsive

Light and agreeable to wear


Off base advance following

Surrey programming

Some guaranteed highlights not yet accessible

Notice LEDS can't be set