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With such a significant number of snowboards out there, it tends to be hard to pick the correct one. We chose 7 of the most well known and most noteworthy evaluated ladies' snowboards, putting them through 60 hours of testing. Our arrangement of tests uncovered the best in general contender, alongside the best esteem, and our best pick for powder. Our armada was stretched as far as possible, and we gauged how quick each board could go, alongside its edging abilities. We discovered how well each model would flex and pop - all with an end goal to find which board would rule. Regardless of whether you need a board that will skim powder or tear in the recreation center, this survey will enable you to locate the correct board for your necessities.
Women's Best All-Mountain Snowboards 2017

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Magne Traction


The Gnu Ladies' Choice is precisely named. While this board may feel comfortable in the recreation center, the Ladies' Choice can hold it down in any conditions possible. A hilter kilter board blends your body's characteristic development, making turns simple and natural. A hilter kilter twin, this board is intended for consistent switch riding. The Ladies' Choice beated any obvious twin it came up against, similar to the Burton Lipstick, with an astounding 10/10 score in the liveliness metric. While Gnu expresses the Ladies' Choice is stiffer than a significant number of their other women's sheets, it was less demanding to hold presses than some other board we tried, even the ultra-flexy Arbor Swoon. Delicate, springy, and stable, it scored another flawless 10/10 in pop. It steps arrivals easily, yet in addition cuts groomers, hits jibs, and surfs powder. This is a throughout the day, consistently kinda snowboard, which pulverizes in all measurements. The Magne-Traction is an or more, regardless of whether you're making huge, simple cuts, or fast, sharp slices, the Magne-Traction edge encourages you out exactly when you require it - and avoids the manner in which when you don't. The Ladies' Choice will push you to advance, regardless of whether you're new to the game or a prepared veteran. With reliably elite over all classes, this board is a genuine across the board ride.

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Best Bang for the Buck

Arbor Swoon Rocker

Arbor Swoon Rocker 2017/2018 Best Buy Award


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Powder Friendly


Marginally hardened for stop

At just $450, the Arbor Swoon wins our 2017 Best Buy Award. A genuine quiver-executioner, the Swoon Rocker is a flexible all-mountain board that wont burn up all available resources, and was really one of our top picks to ride. Arbor offers the Swoon in both a camber and rocker profile — we ran with the rocker. The Swoon is a directional twin, with a slight misfortune to give a surfy ride. This thing slides through powder like spread, scoring a flawless 10/10 in buoy in powder, beating each other board we tried. The Swoon is so easy, it nearly felt like we were all the while imagining. This thing feels great on any territory. While the Swoon is delicate and pardoning, it holds an edge in intense conditions, getting a solid 8/10 in edge hold. Arbor's Grip-Tech framework includes two additional purposes of contact underneath. This dynamic side cut moves the board's essential cooperation with the snow to recuperate and toe contact focuses, framing a more straightforward grasp which enables you to make hard, snappy turns in cold conditions, discharging in profound powder to give you a free, weightless ride. The reasonably sourced bamboo control utilize topsheet includes somewhat more pop and diminishes weight, making the Swoon considerably more responsive. Its ultra-speedy sintered base is solid and reliable in any territory. The Arbor Swoon is an economical, adaptable choice for Ladies that like a surfy ride anyplace on the slope (or in the backwoods — it additionally arrives in a splitboard show).

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Top Pick for Powder

Jones Twin Sister

Jones Twin Sister 2017/2018 Top Pick Award


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Extraordinary in all conditions

Solid edge hold

Buoys in powder

Somewhat hardened

The Jones Twin Sister is the ladies' adaptation of the Jones Mountain Twin, a standout amongst the most lauded snowboards in the business. Famous for backwoods besieging and profound powder lines, Jeremy Jones' models do his name pleased. With a dull nose and a misfortune position, this directional twin makes powder surfing a breeze, scoring a 9/10 in buoy in powder, putting the majority of the opposition to disgrace, spare the Arbor Swoon. The blunted nose changes the sheets first contact point with the snow, which takes away the "furrowing impact" of pushing through powder. This gives a smoother, quicker ride through even the most profound powder. While the Twin Sister's Power wood center offers enough torsional flex to play around with, this board can bomb with the best of them. The Twin Sister scored our solitary immaculate 10/10 in edge hold, notwithstanding demolishing the ultra-durable Never Summer Aura (9/10) in intense, windblown territory. Magnetraction edge tech gives unparalleled hold in even the iciest conditions, slicing through covering like a blade. The Twin Sister has a refreshed Master Wood center for the 2017 season, giving it considerably more power than any time in recent memory. Ideal for enormous cuts and powder lines, the Twin Sister is a freerider's blessing from heaven.

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Why All-Mountain Snowboards?

We set out determined to decide the best ladies' all-mountain leading body of 2017. Woman shredders, our chance has come. Long gone are the times of wearing two sets of fleece socks, so we could fit into our too-huge, leftover boots to ride our siblings' second-hand tear stick. These days, ladies have a wide assortment of sheets to look over that have been particularly planned in light of women. So how would we restricted it down? Women's particular sheets are planned in view of the more attractive sex. Ladies' sheets are for the most part shorter, smaller, lighter, and more adaptable than men's sheets. Notwithstanding, a few sheets are intended for a specific style of riding: free-form, all-mountain, freeride, or powder. In case you're a recreation center rodent who avoids powder, you should need to get a free-form particular board. In the event that you just ride the most profound powder (above all else, we're envious), you may need a contender with a swallowtail and a long nose. On the off chance that you have cash to blow, you may construct a quiver and get one (or two) of each style.

For this assessment, we've tried all-mountain sheets. It's sadly not reasonable for most riders to have an alternate board for each sort of landscape. For those that can't swing the one-of-each methodology, an all-mountain board means to give you the best characteristics of free-form, freeride, and powder sheets, across the board. All-mountain sheets are intended for flexibility when conditions are definitely not unsurprising. Customarily worked with a medium flex, a sintered base and a switch-accommodating profile, all-mountain sheets are charged to give a steady ride in any territory, from powder to stop.

To peruse more about different styles of sheets, look at our Buying Advice article.

The Arbor Swoon has no issue leaving the resort limits.

The Arbor Swoon has no issue leaving the resort limits.

Examination and Test Results

These snowboards have been chosen dependent on their adaptability in each kind of territory. While we were hunting down the best all-mountain board, numerous sheets are planned in view of a specific style of riding. Be that as it may, each board has its very own identity — a particular shape, center, flex, sidewall, position, and so on that makes that board exceptional. While looking into these contenders, there were five classes we concentrated: tense hold, drift in powder, security at speed, energy, and pop. These five measurements play equivalent amounts of in framing the ideal all-mountain board. The diagram beneath outlines the relative scores generally speaking of each board.

Contingent upon your own riding style, there might be a classification that you care about more than another. For instance, in case you're accustomed to riding cold, East Coast conditions, you'll presumably need a board that has solid edge hold. In case you're a boondocks darling that needs a surfy ride, center around how the board drifts in powder. Each board has its peculiarities, so read painstakingly to locate the best board to suit your style.


Hoping to construct your one board shudder without dropping your whole month's pay? Investigate the table beneath to perceive how the sheets in our test contrast with one another in execution versus list cost. The Best Buy winning Arbor Swoon Rocker speaks to a stellar esteem, and in this way falls lower and further to one side.

Edge Hold

How well does the board bolt into hard conditions? In case you're cutting crosswise over ice, it's imperative to have a board that can hang on. While edge hold can be significant for a few riders, a lot of it very well may be a destruction for other people. For instance, numerous free-form riders really detune their edges, as to abstain from getting them on highlights and amid traps.

They're commonly less worried about speed and cutting since they're hanging in the recreation center for the vast majority of the day. All-mountain riders will probably experience hardpack or frosty conditions, and in this manner would require a more grounded edge hold than a free-form rider. Freeriders normally need a forceful edge hang on a snowboard. When you need to ride rigid on a wide range of landscape, it's vital to have a best grade edge to depend on.

Magnetraction edge tech on the Gnu Ladies Choice cuts through any conditions and holds off in powder.

Magnetraction edge tech on the Gnu Ladies Choice cuts through any conditions, and holds off in powder.

It's likewise imperative to consider the conditions you'll be riding in. Women who commonly ride in frosty conditions will profit by a considerably more forceful edge hold. Without it, you're nearly ensured to wash out. In any case, ladies who are utilized to powder may experience excessively grasp in profound snow, and may lean toward a board with less edge hold. It's elusive the edge tech ideal for your own riding style, so demo a few sheets first in case you don't know of your inclination.

Numerous organizations have built up their very own one of a kind edge tech — Magne-Traction, Grip-Tech, Frostbite Edges, and so on — yet they're all truly like each other. These edge advancements transform your board's edge into a serrated blade of sorts, including purposes of contact that enable your board to cut into the snow (or ice) beneath. Not all sheets have this serration, so on the off chance that you require solid hold in frosty conditions, think about a board with a type of serrated edge.

These sheets were taken out on windblown hardpack, the nearest thing to ice in the Sierra. Tried through tight turns, speedy cuts, and hard stops, we explored different avenues regarding each changing edge innovation to discover which barricade could hold. Playing out the most elevated in edge hold are the Jones Twin Sister with an immaculate 10/10, the Never Summer Aura with a 9/10, and the Gnu Ladies' Choice with another 9/10. These sheets all have comparative edge tech, enabling them to take off over the opposition.

Buoy in Powder

Okay rather spend your day climbing to achieve profound, immaculate lines than lapping the recreation center? Assuming this is the case, you might need to center around a board that performs well in powder. A few sheets are worked to surf more effectively in profound snow than others. A major factor in surfing powder is the board's shape. A directional board has a more drawn out nose than tail, bringing about a laid-back, surfboard like ride. Twin tips have an indistinguishable nose and tail, and ordinarily require more exertion to lift in profound snow. A directional twin, or mountain twin, is like a genuine twin, yet has one or a couple of highlights that are awry, similar to a more drawn out nose.

The Arbor Swoon and the Jones Twin Sister, two of our best performing powder sheets, are directional twins with a difficulty position, which gives you a marginally longer tip than tail, and guarantees a surfy ride through powder. Another element that enhances execution in powder is a blunted nose. This progressions the purpose of contact with the snow, changing your board from a snowplow to a surfboard.

The Arbor Swoon scored an amazing 10/10 in this classification, including a 2cm misfortune, rocker profile, and blunted nose that join together, enabling it to cruise high over its rivals. You can likewise locate these blunted tips on the Jones Twin Sister, which scored a 9/10 in this class and furthermore includes a directional twin shape.

The Gnu Ladies Choice has no issue with profound snow.

The Gnu Ladies Choice has no issue with profound snow.

Solidness at Speed

How does the board perform when riding at high speeds? In case you're one to tear at full speed down the mountain, you'll need a board with the strength to deal with that speed. There's nothing more terrible than shelling down a groomer and beginning to learn about your board squirrel from underneath you. A solid board commonly has a clammy vibe to it, which guarantees a smoother ride, while delicate sheets can feel washy, similar to they may slip out from under you, when riding at rapid.

We tried each board at fast on a precarious groomer to perceive how they held up. The Never Summer Aura got full stamps (10/10) in this classification, conveying an anticipated and stable ride even at hustling speed. The Aura beat our Editors' Choice in speed - the Gnu Ladies Choice just scored a 7/10 in this class, while the Burton Lipstick likewise gave a moist, reliable feel at high speeds, getting a 9/10.

The Burton Lipstick travels through powder and slices through muck.

The Burton Lipstick travels through powder and slices through muck.

Fun loving nature

How well does the board flex, turn, and move? In the event that you lean toward the recreation center, or simply like a delicate ride, you'll need a board with high adaptability. A more extended, stiffer board will give greater steadiness in powder and at high speeds. Fun loving nature additionally needs to do with the span of a board. It bodes well that a littler board is normally simpler to move around and control. While we tried these sheets in almost indistinguishable sizes, on the off chance that you realize that you're searching for something more fun loving, you should need to run with a littler size while choosing your board.

All-Mountain sheets regularly have a medium flex design that gives flexibility crosswise over conditions. Nonetheless, each board in our quiver had an alternate flex that made it one of a kind. We took these sheets on level ground, boxes, rails — fundamentally, we treated the entire mountain like a play area. The most energetic sheets we tried were the Gnu Ladies' Choice and the Rome Lo Fi Rocker. The Ladies' Choice scored a faultless 10/10, giving a flexy, responsive ride that put the various sheets to disgrace. The Rome Lo Fi Rocker (9/10) was the mildest board we tried, and keeping in mind that it was super energetic, its free flex and light weight caused the Lo Fi to score inadequately in different classes, similar to drift in powder and steadiness at speed.

Presses made simple on the super flexy Gnu Ladies Choice

Presses made simple on the super flexy Gnu Ladies Choice

Pop and Jumping

How effortlessly does the board spring off the ground? Regardless of whether it's a jib, bounce, or a Jerry, a poppy board will enable you to clear whatever your heart wants. Cambered sheets have a long curve underneath, contacting close to the tip and tail, and regularly have more fly than rockered loads up. In any case, numerous organizations have acquainted innovation with increment fly by embeddings poles from the center of the load up to the nose and tail, expanding reaction and supercharging the fly of your load up. Numerous sheets are planned as a rocker camber half breed, joining the fly of a cambered load up with the flex and buoy of a rocker.

We took these sheets out on little, medium, and bigger booters to look at how they respond to dispatch and landing. The Capita Birds of a Feather, Gnu Ladies' Choice, and Rome Lo Fi played out the best in this classification. Every one of these sheets lifted with almost no exertion, felt light weight noticeable all around, and energized revolutions and gets. The Capita Birds of a Feather earned a 8/10, rousing trust in lift-off and security in landing. The Lo Fi Rocker scored a 9/10, effectively taking care of hops everything being equal. The Gnu Ladies' Choice earned another immaculate 10/10, urging the rider to channel slopestyle ruler Jamie Anderson herself. Once more, cambered sheets have a more characteristic pop, so if this is something you esteem, consider a camber or half and half camber profile while choosing your board.

The Capita Birds of a Feather dispatches easily.

The Capita Birds of a Feather dispatches easily.


Construct realistic with respect to the Jones Twin Sister.

Construct realistic with respect to the Jones Twin Sister.

These sheets were each of the an impact to test. While each board has its qualities and shortcomings, each model was chosen since it's among the best in the business. Each board has endless attributes that meet up to shape its novel identity. We assessed these contenders on their capacity to perform crosswise over five measurements that add to a prevalent all-mountain ride, yet every one is ensured to be a decent time.
Albeit each audit was done as equitably as could reasonably be expected, each survey is, to a specific degree, emotional to the experience of the analyst. Every snowboarder is extraordinary and lean towards an alternate sort of board to ride. Ensure you read completely and consider which measurements are the most essential to you while choosing a board.

The most effective method to Choose a Snowboard for Women

While choosing a snowboard, it's critical to consider which board is the "best," as well as which board is best for you. There are such huge numbers of elements that give a snowboard its own identity. A large number of us women grew up figuring out how to ride on our more established sibling's leftover sheets, at that point graduated to (what we saw as) higher playing out men's sheets. The old "recoil it and pink it" mantra has revealed a negative insight into a portion of the extraordinary tech outlined only for the more pleasant sex. So for what reason is it so imperative to pick a ladies particular snowboard?

The Rome Lo Fi Rocker prepares for a boondocks climb.

The Rome Lo Fi Rocker prepares for a backwoods climb.

Why Women's Snowboards?

In spite of the fact that it might appear as though these sheets have quite recently been given really botanical illustrations, there's some genuine innovation and plan behind women's snowboards.

Because of auxiliary contrasts in the body, people utilize diverse development methods when playing out a solitary leg squat. Females normally pivot their pelvis towards the weight bearing appendage, while guys turn the other way. Therefore, ladies are more inclined to knee damage and knee torment than men. It's critical to have a board composed in light of your body, so don't agree to a men's board.

Ladies' sheets are for the most part shorter, smaller, lighter, and more adaptable than men's sheets. This mobility incredibly decreases the danger of knee damage when contrasted with a stiffer, heavier men's snowboard. Ladies likewise have a lower focus of gravity, so a littler board is more responsive.

Acquiring a board composed in light of these components will take into account smoother, more natural, and less damage inclined riding.

The Arbor Swoon Rocker coasting on a powder day.

The Arbor Swoon Rocker coasting on a powder day.

Why All-Mountain Snowboards?

While we'd all get a kick out of the chance to face a daily reality such that everybody has a robust bunch of snowboards to browse contingent upon conditions, not every person can live like the geniuses. Most riders need one strong board that they feel great going up against a wide assortment of conditions. An all-mountain board is intended to perform well in off-road, regardless of whether it's new powder or spring park days. Until the point that the days we can bear the cost of a bunch of condition particular devices, an extraordinary all-mountain board will change to fill its need paying little mind to landscape.

Sorts of Snowboards


Free-form sheets are for riders that get a kick out of the chance to remain in the recreation center — rails, dividers, bounces or level ground. These sheets are regularly shorter and more adaptable, which takes into consideration a lively ride, alongside more noteworthy control when jibbing or hopping. Stop sheets for the most part have a twin or asym twin shape, so you can arrive traps switch easily.


For the best characteristics across the board, pick an all-mountain board. Intended for consistent progress between factor conditions, an all-mountain board can go from stop to powder without so much as a second thought. In the event that you jump at the chance to bounce between tree runs, enormous groomers, and stop laps across the board day, this is the style of board for you.


Freeride sheets are for those that ride powder when it's crisp and cut groomers when it's most certainly not. Normally bigger in size with a solid flex, these sheets are more forceful than free-form sheets. Freeride sheets have a more keen edge hold than others for cutting in hard-pack and slicing through ice.

The Never Summer Aura is hardened yet drifts through the most profound snow easily.

The Never Summer Aura is solid, yet drifts through the most profound snow easily.


Powder sheets are worked to surf the earth. Generally directional (longer nose than tail), these sheets have a set back position for a surfy feel, and regularly keep running on the stiffer side. Many powder particular sheets have custom powder well disposed shapes, similar to a swallowtail.

Board Composition

What goes into the snowboard amid development? From the base profoundly to the topsheet, each piece is painstakingly created before it is amassed and turns into a snowboard.


Snowboard bases are made of P-Tex, a high-thickness polyethylene plastic. A base will either be sintered or expelled. A sintered base is framed by pounding the base material into powder, warming it, squeezing it and cutting it into shape. An expelled base is framed by softening the base material down and cutting it into shape. Sintered bases are more costly to make, however are more solid, quicker, and assimilate wax superior to anything expelled bases. Expelled bases are less expensive and require less upkeep, but at the same time are slower and less solid. A base will normally be trailed by a number, which alludes to the sub-atomic weight of the polyethylene. The higher the number, the higher the nature of the P-Tex (i.e., sintered 2000).

Construct realistic with respect to the Gnu Ladies Choice

Construct realistic with respect to the Gnu Ladies Choice


What is the focal point of the board produced using? The center of a snowboard may be the most critical component, considering every single other piece are developed around it. While most snowboards nowadays have a wooden center, a snowboard's center can be made out of an assortment of materials, for example, froth or aluminum honeycomb. Wooden centers are commonly made out of poplar, birch, or obeche wood. Portions of these woods are arranged vertically and covered with the end goal to make different flex designs. A few organizations will utilize Kevlar, carbon fiber, or metals to reinforce a board's center.


Metal edges run the length of either side of the snowboard, enabling you to cut into snow when riding. Not every one of sheets' edges kept running along the whole border of the board, yet full-inclusion edges can shield your board's nose and tail from harm. Edge innovation, for example, Gnu's Magnetraction or Burton's FrostBite makes a blade like serration along the edge, permitting a more consistent cut through frosty conditions.

Sidewall on the Arbor Swoon

Sidewall on the Arbor Swoon


The sidewall is the zone along the metal edge of the snowboard, and it has three essential developments: ABS sidewall, top, or a half breed of the two. ABS is an overwhelming, thick material that is utilized to make sheets more strong, all the more torsionally firm, and have better edge grasp. On the off chance that a top development pops or breaks, dampness can spill into the center and cause genuine harm.

Every one of the sheets we tried have ABS sidewall, or, in other words superior snowboards.


The topsheet of a snowboard shows the illustrations, as well as shields within your board from the components. Topsheets are normally produced using nylon, wood, fiberglass, plastic or composites.

The topsheet of the Arbor Swoon is made with premium common bamboo.

The topsheet of the Arbor Swoon is made with premium regular bamboo.


Supplements are the strung hardened steel gaps in a snowboard that enable you to join ties. Most snowboards have a standard 2x4 or 4x4 embed design, which references the vertical and level estimations between openings in centimeters. These supplements enable you to modify your position by moving along the columns of gaps to your coveted width.

Standard 2x4 restricting supplements on the Arbor Swoon.

Standard 2x4 restricting supplements on the Arbor Swoon.

Burton has protected their Channel innovation, another type of supplements that joins ties along an opening amidst the board. While this tech implies you must get extraordinary Channel-accommodating EST ties, it gives for all intents and purposes unending position choices, and permits a snappier change on the off chance that you choose to modify your position.

Burton Channel embeds as observed on the men's Burton Flying V.

Burton Channel embeds as observed on the men's Burton Flying V.

All-Mountain Options


While numerous riders at first imagine that stature impacts board estimate — your snowboard couldn't care less how tall you are. It's really a riders weight that decides the right size. Weight enormously affects a rider's capacity to flex and turn the board. More weight implies more control of the board underneath your feet.

Most organizations offer an assortment of sizes for each board. While each organization has an estimating graph with a prescribed weight territory, these outlines abandon some space for individual inclination. A littler board will be simpler to move, while a more extended board gives greater soundness and buoys better in powder.


Each snowboard has its very own flex design. Stop sheets are normally delicate, for simple jibbing and clean turns. Powder or speed sheets are as a rule on the stiffer side. On the off chance that like a delicate ride or lean toward the recreation center, you'll need something more adaptable and pardoning. A more drawn out, stiffer board will give more help in powder and at high speeds.

Greater riders will generally incline toward the solidness and weight of a stiffer board.


Camber alludes to the manner in which a board lays level on a surface. Customary camber (otherwise known as standard or positive camber) has a long curve underneath, and contacts down close to the tip and tail. This gives long, even forced contact with the snow when weighted. A camber profile offers an exuberant, stable ride that is prevalent among stop riders for its responsive, springy feel.

A rocker profile, or switch camber, contacts down between the ties, and has an upturned tip and tail. This implies less edge contact when the board is weighted, enabling it to rotate effortlessly underneath. This profile is fantastic in powder or jibs, and useful for turns.

Most sheets these days are a cross breed camber, or a blend among rocker and camber. These profiles are each worked to suit particular execution characteristics.


Do you get a kick out of the chance to ride switch? Profound powder? Both? A few sheets are intended to deal with specific styles of riding all the more effortlessly. It's imperative to choose on the off chance that you need a twin tip, uneven or something directional.

Genuine twin snowboards have an indistinguishable tip and tail, which does switch riding feel like riding customary. Directional sheets have a more extended nose than tail, making a surfboard feel underneath while cruising through powder. These sheets go more effortlessly one way than the other. A directional twin has a symmetrical nose and tail, yet is set back to make riding in powder more instinctive.

How We Tested Snowboard for Women

We're searching for the best ALL — MOUNTAIN board. These snowboards have been chosen dependent on their flexibility in each kind of territory (if it was promptly accessible at Lake Tahoe, California). From stop to powder, side hits to side nation, each board was put through the wringer. Each board was tried in an assortment of conditions — blue flying creature groomer days, crisp powder, windblown ice, Sierra bond — and so on, we attempted it.

Snowboards were given a score (out of 10) in light of execution in five classifications:

Edge hold

drift in powder

Dependability at speed

Flex/fun loving nature

Pop and bouncing

The flexible Burton Lexa ties on the Never Summer Aura

The flexible Burton Lexa ties on the Never Summer Aura

The barricades were each set with a couple of Burton Lexa ties, a prominent and mid-go elite official. The Lexa is perfect with both standard 2x4 supplements and Burton's Channel framework, enabling them to be utilized on each of the seven sheets we tried. This was done to limit the impact of the ties while testing each board.