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I've surveyed sacks for Wirecutter for a long time. In that time, I've talked with endless pack originators, brand officials, texture pros, zipper devotees, and a large group of sack specialists and travel bag obsessives. These meetings and my very own long periods of research have earned me in any event something of an understudy's comprehension of how a decent pack should feel and what makes it work in a given circumstance.

Why it's extraordinary: The Patagonia Black Hole Duffel is a genuine handyman. The outside is made of polyester ripstop that is overlaid with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which ensures against scraped spot, and has a water-safe covering. Throughout the years I've hauled, tossed, kicked, and conveyed these sacks crosswise over the greater part of the nation and they've never fizzled. You can convey the Black Hole next to you utilizing the two handles or behind you utilizing the lash, or wear it as a rucksack with its two cushioned ties. The Black Hole is accessible in four sizes: 45 L, 60 L, 90 L, and 120 L; we tried the 120 L form. For every pragmatic reason for existing, they're indistinguishable with the exception of their expanding size. Like the Osprey Packable, the Black Hole overlays down into its very own stuff sack, which transforms into a capacity pocket when you unfurl the duffle. The Black Hole line of sacks is additionally accessible in a lightweight nylon in certain sizes, however we figure the vast majority will lean toward the additional strength and durability of the first arrangement.
A person kneeling beside the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel bag to place their scuba gear inside of it. The bag is various colors of turquoise with bright pink detailing.

Imperfections however not dealbreakers: There's little about the Black Hole Duffel to study. It recognizes what it is, and Patagonia's notoriety for fantastic materials and craftsmanship has set the standard for this sort of sack for quite a long time. One little detail: The shoulder ties can pause for a minute to arrange in light of their bizarre eyelet connection, yet once you make sense of them, altering them is anything but difficult to do with one hand.

Why it's incredible: The Lands' End Waxed Canvas Duffle Bag is the hardest pack we could locate—it's made of solid canvas, with calfskin trim and metal equipment—that is additionally reliably accessible. The shoulder tie falls off, which is helpful on the off chance that you want to convey your sacks by their handles. A little inner pocket is helpful for concealing, state, your wallet or house keys. The waxed duffle fits a quite certain stylish—it's possibly not the pack you'd take on a work excursion yet rather to a lodge in the mountains. That outdoorsy look, in any case, has viable advantages: With a little consideration, a duffle like this should keep going an exceptionally prolonged stretch of time. Also, on the off chance that it doesn't, the Lands' End lifetime guarantee has you secured.

Blemishes yet not dealbreakers: Waxed canvas is heavier than most present day textures, (for example, nylon and polyester), and we saw the additional weight of the Lands' End sack contrasted and the heaviness of others we tried. In spite of the fact that Lands' End portrays the duffle as waxed, we'd call it softly waxed, best case scenario. The canvas is gently water safe, yet fluids won't move off it in the manner you may see with all the more intensely waxed things. On the off chance that you do need more security, it is conceivable to add more wax to canvas yourself.

This up-to-date, well-made pack mixes into its surroundings flawlessly, regardless of whether the setting is the same old thing or easygoing. Moved cowhide handles and a separable cross-body tie make it agreeable to convey as well.

$165 from Cuyana

Get this in the event that: You need a smooth, trendy pack for a brisk work excursion or an end of the week escape.

Why it's incredible: If you need a weekender pack that is slick and strong, however you needn't bother with something as extreme as the Lands' End duffle, Cuyana's Classic Overnight Bag is a decent alternative. It will easily convey two or three outfits, a workstation, toiletries, and a couple of additional items. Its squarish shape likewise makes it simple to move when you're wearing it over your body. It's firmly developed with metal equipment, canvas, and cowhide handles and trim. Despite the fact that it has a separable cross-body tie, you can likewise convey the pack serenely folder case style, on account of the moved calfskin handles. It has recently the perfect measure of association as well: two outer side pockets—helpful when you would prefer not to open your sack—and a couple of inward pockets as well.

Two Cuyana duffle packs one next to the other on a floor covering. The Weekender sack is bigger and has extra peach enumerating on the base.

The Overnight pack is on the left; the bigger Weekender is on the right. Photograph: Rozette Rago

This pack additionally arrives in a bigger variant, the Classic Weekender Bag. We found that the Overnight Bag, in spite of its name, had enough space to convey all that we required for an end of the week, and we favored the mobility of the littler size. In any case, on the off chance that you intend to take longer outings or in the event that you're only a heavier packer, at that point the bigger sack—which has a similar structure with greater limit and more profound pockets—may be for you.

Imperfections yet not dealbreakers: The Overnight Bag's calfskin handles are somewhat short. You can sling the sack behind you, yet in case you're wearing a massive winter coat or you intend to convey it for quite a while, you'll most likely need to utilize the cross-body tie.

Measurements: 17.5 by 5.5 by 13.5 inches (LWH)

Limit: littler sack, 22 liters; bigger pack, 40 liters (gauges; Cuyana does not state sizes in liters)

Different sizes: 23.5 by 6.5 by 16.25 inches (LWH)

Hues: delicate dim/characteristic, dark, naval force

Best for carrying on your back: Cotopaxi Chumpi

An individual fastening the highest point of a Cotopaxi Chumpi duffle sack. It is light blue with slate blue specifying and a cowhide handle.

Photograph: Caleigh Waldman

Our pick

Cotopaxi Chumpi

Cotopaxi Chumpi

A duffle that is additionally a rucksack

This sack can be a rucksack or a duffle—and it functions admirably as either. On the off chance that you plan on strolling long separations and need numerous approaches to convey your rigging easily, this is an incredible choice.

$70 from Cotopaxi

Get this in the event that: You hope to walk a great deal on your excursions—visiting urban areas, state, or light adventuring—and need an agreeable, outdoorsy sack to convey your stuff, yet you don't require an additional extreme apparatus pack.

Why it's extraordinary: The Cotopaxi Chumpi has committed knapsack ties incorporated with the highest point of the sack—they cover up away behind two folds verified by metal fastens when not being used. Numerous combo knapsack and-duffle structures depend on the handles playing twofold obligation as rucksack lashes, which for the most part implies they aren't generally excellent as either. Having committed lashes implies the Chumpi can execute as a really agreeable knapsack. When you're done wearing it, changing over it once more into a duffle is basic: Just conceal the knapsack lashes and snatch the pack by its handles. Not at all like a few other rucksack duffles we tried, the Chumpi has its zipper situated against your back while you're utilizing it as a knapsack. It's a basic, apparently self-evident (however uncommon) structure decision that loans more genuine feelings of serenity when strolling down a bustling road or absentmindedly taking in the sights. Cotopaxi packs are supported by a 61-year guarantee.

An individual conveying the Cotopaxi Chumpi duffle sack as a rucksack.

Like most rucksack duffles, the Cotopaxi Chumpi has no interior structure—which means it slumps off your shoulder in excess of a customary knapsack would. Photograph: Caleigh Waldman

Defects yet not dealbreakers: Is a duffle with shoulder lashes in the same class as a rucksack? No. Like most rucksack duffles, the Chumpi tends to slump a bit when it's on your shoulders. So, I conveyed the Chumpi for a few miles completely pressed while on an outing and found that utilizing its rucksack lashes was a decent option in contrast to moving a shoulder tie from side to side.

Measurements: 20 by 10.5 by 10.5 inches (LWH)

Limit: 35 liters

Different sizes: 50 liters

Hues: beech covering, driftwood

Best to take on a plane: Tortuga Setout Duffle Bag

An analyzer conveying the Tortuga Setout Duffle Bag in dark.

Photograph: Caleigh Waldman

Our pick

Tortuga Setout Duffle Bag

Tortuga Setout Duffle Bag

A duffle for long flights

This present pack's compartments have a spot for everything, from your reports to your PC to your shoes. Its ties are anything but difficult to evacuate, so you can stow the sack easily underneath your seat or in an overhead canister, and they're anything but difficult to reattach once you land.

$150 from Tortuga

Get this on the off chance that: You for the most part check a bag however you need a second, PC well disposed lightweight suitcase with a moderate stylish—or you favor something much littler and lighter than a moving carry-on or a rucksack for your short excursions.

Why it's incredible: The Tortuga Setout is the best sorted out duffle for movement that we tried. It embraces probably the best hierarchical highlights of Tortuga's other travel sacks—the organization additionally makes one of our preferred portable travel rucksacks—and consolidates them into a littler and lighter duffle pack. The Setout has four principle areas: an inside compartment, a shoe pocket, a coordinator pocket, and a sleeve that will hold a 13-inch PC or an additional huge tablet. The polyester outside is water-repellent, and it has a go through tie for a baggage handle so you can connect it to a moving lightweight suitcase.

With 35 liters of usable space, the Setout is too little to even consider using without anyone else on broadened trips, however it's the correct size to fill in as a portable suitcase in case you're checking a bag or as an independent pack for end of the week travel. It's unbending enough to hold its shape yet not all that firm that you can't press or twist it into a tight overhead container or under your seat. The ties are likewise simple to evacuate and reattach, so you can unclip them before you stow your sack to shield them from catching—another component acquired from the duffle's greater kin. Tortuga sacks are supported by the organization's Common Decency Guarantee, which pretty much methods they'll do their best to work with you on the off chance that anything turns out badly.

Imperfections however not dealbreakers: Personally, I'm not a fanatic of shoe compartments. While it's pleasant to have the option to divider off messy clothing and so forth, such compartments are typically hard to spotless and hard to fix in the event that they tear. For the most part, it's simpler to go with a little pressure sack and use it as your shoe or clothing pack.

Measurements: 22 by 9 by 12 inches (LWH)

Limit: 35 liters

Different sizes: none

Shading: dim

Best for processed baggage: Dakine Split Roller 110L Bag

a man remaining with a blue suticase

Caleigh Waldman

Our pick

Split Roller 110L Bag

Split Roller 110L Bag

A moving duffle to check

This pack has the space and simple to-move wheels of a decent bag in the adaptable state of a duffle sack. Numerous inside and outside compartments make it simple to sort out and separate all your rigging as well.

$220* from Dakine

Purchase from Amazon

*At the season of distributing, the cost was $230.

Get this on the off chance that: You need a moving duffle that is efficient. Likewise, on the off chance that you need a sack that is an incredible decision for handled gear and different kinds of long-separate travel yet need something somewhat more flexible and simple to move than a conventional wheeled bag.

Why it's extraordinary: The Dakine Split Roller consolidates the best pieces of handled gear—inside association, wheels, and a huge inside—with the delicate, adaptable edge of a duffle sack. The Split Roller opens like a clamshell: one side of the "shell" is partitioned into top and base compartments, and the other is one huge principle compartment. Each of the three compartments are isolated by work dividers to keep everything discrete and set up. At the point when it's extended out, this duffle holds around 110 liters—almost 20 liters more than our top pick for handled gear. It can likewise, be that as it may, change in accordance with conveying lighter burdens. The Split Roller works also to an extension case: it has a collapsible prop in the front area of the sack that can either overlap out for additional room or crease back to let the highest point of the pack lay level. Two outside pockets let you effectively get to your regular and travel things without opening the pack itself.

a bag unfastened and being stuffed

The inner association of the Split Roller emulates most clamshell baggage structures. These pockets are incredible for keeping garments, gear, and different things isolated from each other. Caleigh Waldman

Like a significant number of the moving duffle models we tried, the Split Roller has reliable #10 YKK zippers and 8 cm urethane wheels. Both are adequate for a sack of this plan and cost. Dakine additionally utilizes an assortment of polyester and cordura materials for different examples of the Split Roller, going from 600-denier polyester (useful for a great many people) to 1,000-denier Cordura mix with DWR covering (in the event that you misuse your rigging or travel through intense or wet conditions). We tried the 600 D polyester texture operating at a profit shading decision, which appeared to be bounty sturdy for a movement duffle. It's additionally the most economical texture alternative Dakine offers; on the off chance that you do settle on one of its harder, water-safe choices, you'll pay somewhat more. Dakine offers a constrained lifetime guarantee on its items.

Blemishes yet not dealbreakers: If it's not stuffed appropriately—with the heaviest things towards the wheels—the Split Roller can lean and even tilt over when left upstanding. As a general rule, the Split Roller will remain upstanding, yet it's not as steady as the Patagonia Black Hole Rolling Duffle. Be that as it may, the well-considered association and solid development more than compensate for this little dissatisfaction.

Measurements: 32 by 17 by 13 inches (LWH)

Limit: 110 liters

Different sizes: 85 liters

Shading: Polyester: carbon, Zion, Kassia, thunderdot, Waimea, seaford, pine trees; dark cordura: squall, R2R ink

Best for keeping things dry: Yeti Panga

An individual conveying the Yeti Panga 50 duffle sack on their back. The pack is organized in a round and hollow cylinder shape.

Photograph: Caleigh Waldman

Additionally incredible

Sasquatch Panga 50

Sasquatch Panga 50

A considerably harder sack for wetter experiences

On the off chance that you need the hardest conceivable duffle, this is our decision. It's agreeable to convey, waterproof, and near indestructible. In any case, it costs twice as much as the challenge and gauges all the more as well.

Why it's extraordinary: A waterproof nylon shell and zipper keep your stuff dry regardless of whether you submerge the Yeti Panga 50 totally. I didn't exactly trust it until we tried the duffle a few times, conveying it completely stuffed into the shoreline breaks of Oahu's North Shore where its impermeable hindrance held in enough air to effortlessly coast my 220-pound casing and still kept the towels, garments, and tennis shoes inside very dry. In case you're on an outing where your sack may possibly finish up in the water, you'll value this element. Like the Patagonia Black Hole, the Panga accompanies a plenty of lash indicates that you can utilize secure your pack on your experiences. Because of its unbending nature, the Panga is likewise shockingly agreeable to use as a knapsack. (Its handles fill in as the knapsack lashes.)

Imperfections however not dealbreakers: The Panga's cost is more than twofold what you'd pay for an also measured Patagonia Black Hole. All that weatherproofing isn't light, either. The Yeti Panga is the heaviest pack we tried, gauging in excess of 5 pounds when vacant. In the event that you need a waterproof sack as intense as the Yeti that additionally incorporates wheels for burden help, the Ortlieb Duffle RS is a decent alternative. Be that as it may, wheels are only one more thing to break on your pack, and the important slide plates and axles will in general make moving duffle sacks like the Ortlieb somewhat less adaptable than the Panga.

Measurements: 23.5 by 10 by 14 inches (LWH)

Limit: 50 liters

Different sizes: 75 liters, 100 liters

Shading: storm dark

Best for day by day convey: Herschel Supply Sutton Duffle Mid-Volume

An individual conveying the Herschel Supply Sutton Duffle Mid-Volume pack with the lash behind them.

Photograph: Caleigh Waldman

Our pick

Herschel Supply Co. Sutton Duffle Mid-Volume

Herschel Supply Co. Sutton Duffle Mid-Volume

A moderate sack for every day use

This moderate size sack is for any individual who needs a straightforward duffle to use during the day. It's extraordinary for driving, heading off to the exercise center, or toting supplies on a recreation center or shoreline outing.

$60 from Herschel

Get this if:You need a modest sack with an easygoing style for your everyday exercises and leisure activities.

Why it's extraordinary: If you asked an arbitrary individual in the city to picture a little essential duffle, chances are they'd envision a pack like the Herschel Supply Sutton Duffle Mid-Volume. It has the exemplary shape, look, and feel of a conventional barrel duffle. Like the majority of the duffles we saw, it accompanies a removable shoulder tie, yet you can convey it serenely by its top handles as well. The Sutton is an appropriately built polyester pack with an inside zipper running down its length. It's little enough that you can't generally overpack it or make it excessively substantial; essentially, it's the ideal size for your day by day undertakings. Herschel sacks are supported by a constrained lifetime guarantee. One thing to note for any individual who preferences interior association: The Mid-Volume Sutton has no inside pockets, yet the bigger, out and out Sutton Duffle has pockets worked along its top.

Defects however not dealbreakers: It's not the best made sack we've seen: The texture feels meager, and the sewing is somewhat slapdash. In any case, it is one of the better-made packs we've seen that costs under $75. Indeed, even with light day by day use, the Sutton should last a decent measure of time. Strangely, Herschel put six little grommets on the base of the sack to, we accept, let out dampness. Tragically, the situation additionally lets a lot of dampness in on the off chance that you accidently put the pack down on a wet spot or espresso spill, which isn't an incomprehensible situation in a rec center or office.

Measurements: 20.25 by 10.25 by 10.25 inches (LWH)

Limit: 28 liters

Different sizes: Sutton Duffle (46.5 L), Sutton Duffle Studio (46.5 L; water-safe)

Hues: dark, raven crosshatch/dark, frog camo, Barbados cherry crosshatch/dark crosshatch, timberland night/dark, peacoat, profound ultramarine

Best packable duffle: Osprey Ultralight Stuff Duffel

An individual conveying the Osprey Ultralight Stuff Duffel as a rucksack.

Photograph: Caleigh Waldman

Our pick

Osprey Ultralight Stuff Duffle

Osprey Ultralight Stuff Duffle

A packable, ultralight alternative

In the event that you need a little duffle that you can stash in your bag, this packable sack is our decision. It likewise keeps its shape—notwithstanding when almost unfilled—superior to most packs of this sort.

$37 from Amazon

Get this in the event that: You're voyaging and need an additional pack for bringing buys home, or lean toward the adaptability of a flexible hold-just for strolling around town.

Why it's incredible: Unlike numerous packable or ultralight sacks, which will in general carry on like wild sacks except if they're filled as far as possible, the Osprey Ultralight Stuff Duffel figures out how to keep its shape whether it's unfilled, incompletely pressed, or stuffed like a wiener. It doesn't pack down very as little as a portion of the challenge, yet it's nearby enough, and it's considerably more lovely to use as a real sack once it's on your shoulder. The base of the pack is additionally thicker and more impervious to tears than the sides are, which means you can put the Osprey down in many spots without being excessively cautious.

An individual holding the stuffed down Osprey duffel sack before them. It is about the extent of their hand.

The Osprey packs down into an exceptionally minimal bundle. Photograph: Caleigh Waldman

Imperfections yet not dealbreakers: At 30 liters, the Osprey Ultralight Stuff Duffel might be little for certain individuals. In any case, as an optional sack that is for the most part intended to enhance your gear or rucksack, it's quite better than average. On the off chance that it were a lot bigger, the absence of inflexibility would wind up baffling.